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Resolve Mismatch in Tax Amount (Excise for Importer)

If there is a mismatch in the tax amount as calculated by TallyPrime and the amount entered by you, then the transaction will fall under this exception. This exception has to be resolved for this transaction to be considered for the calculation of the returns.

  1. Press Enter on the exception Mismatch in tax amount in the Summary of Exceptions screen.ย The List of vouchers with tax difference screen appears.
  2. Select the required transaction or press the space bar to select multiple transactions. You can choose to perform any of the following actions:
    • Press Enter to drill down to voucher and make the necessary changes at voucher level. If the configuration at masters level is incorrect, make the required changes in the masters.
    • Press Alt+J (Accept as is) to include the transaction for tax computation.
    • Press Alt+H (Exclude Vouchers) to exclude the vouchers for tax computation.
    • Press Alt+S (Create Adjustment) to record an adjustment voucher for the difference amount.
    • Press Alt+L (Link Adjustment) to link to another voucher for the difference amount.
  3. Press Enter to save.

You can mark the transactions as Excluded Transactions by clicking the button Alt+H (Exclude Vouchers) if they are not required to form part of the return.

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