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Inventory Reports in TallyPrime

The transactions entered in TallyPrime are immediately posted to the respective ledgers, books and registers. The inventory reports in TallyPrime are generated based on these transactions. This facilitates instant reporting and faster decision making.

The appearance of reports can be changed according to your requirements. You can generate comparison reports between different companies, periods of the financial year, and so on.

Here are the inventory reports in TallyPrime: 

Track Your Inventory | Stock Summary

Stock Summary in TallyPrime is a statement of the real-time stock-in-hand on a particular day. It is one of the primary inventory statements that gets updated in real-time as and when you record transactions. If you have maintained the inventory in groups, transferred stock for various business needs, sold or purchased stock items, TallyPrime helps you view all of them using the Stock Summary report.

Location/Godown Summary

It is one of the inventory reports in TallyPrime that summarises the details of stock items available in each Location in the Location /Location Summary report. If you have created location in a hierarchy, the report gives you a consolidated view of the stock available. You can view the closing and opening balances of your stock, inward and outward stock details, and all corresponding transactions. The report also provide specific details like consumption, profit, and overall stock position of your company. Refer to Godown Summary topic for details.

Movement Analysis

Movement analysis shows the analysis of only those inventory transactions which are integrated with the accounts, i.e. inventories which are also recorded in the books of accounts. Inventory vouchers which affect the stock only in quantitative terms are not considered.

Movement analysis report is used for comparative studies. They give an insight into the flow characteristics of the stock in an organization. It also helps in finding out the slow moving items which cause blockages in the flow of the working capital of the organization.

Stock Ageing Analysis

Stock Ageing Analysis in TallyPrime displays the age of the stock-in-hand. This report lists the age-wise break-up of inventory to demarcate old stock. TallyPrime gives its users the flexibility to define their own ageing slabs.

Ageing Analysis lists out items batch wise, that have already expired or may expire in the near future. This information will help you keep track of the age of stock and also quick moving inventory, as older stock may depreciate in value or become obsolete, and result in a loss.

Stock Query

The Stock Query report provides complete information pertaining to a particular stock item. The details include Alias, Part No., Stock Group, Stock Category, available Closing Quantity & Balance, Cost Price, Std. Selling Price, Costing Method and Market Valuation Method, and so on.

Physical Stock Register

A physical stock voucher is used to record the actual stock of a particular stock item. In the inventory books, the actual balance of stock in hand as on the date of voucher entry is shown and the difference in stock is automatically added as inwards or outwards as the case may be. The cause of discrepancy can be recorded in the narration field of the physical stock journal voucher.

Stock Cost Estimation

Cost Estimation is a statement that gives the value of the cost incurred in the manufacturing of finished goods. click here to see more. Refer to Stock Cost Estimation section under the Manufacturing topic for more details.

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