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Connected Services in TallyPrime

Using TallyPrime, you can work from home or anywhere as the connect services in TallyPrime enable you to access your Company data from anywhere. You can rest assured that your data will be secure.

This category contains the following topics:

Tally Virtual User (TVU)

With the help of virtualizing technologies such as RDP, RDS, and others, Tally Virtual User (TVU) allows you to access TallyPrime from anywhere, thereby enabling you to continue your work regardless of location.

TVU serves the growing need for remote access of TallyPrime and supports the virtual usage of TallyPrime. You will be able to access TallyPrime virtually provided you are using Windows RDP, cloud services, or similar technologies to access TallyPrime virtually. You just need to avail a TVU pack.

In the topic Tally Virtual User, you will learn the following –

  1. Technologies that can enable you to use TallyPrime virtually
  2. How to configure TallyPrime for using it virtually
  3. Virtual usage of TallyPrime
  4. Availing additional TVU packs for free trial

Remote Access in TallyPrime

Remote access in TallyPrime or TallyPrime Remote Access allows you to access TallyPrime to work from home or anywhere. You can record transactions and view reports from anywhere. All you need is TallyPrime installed on the computer on which you want to access an Internet connection.

In the topic Remote Access in TallyPrime, you will understand the following aspects:

  1. Basics of TallyPrime remote access
  2. How to manage access rights of users
  3. How to manage company for remote access

TallyPrime Reports in Browsers

You can browse TallyPrime reports in browsers and also download a report if needed. Furthermore, the all-new mobile responsive design of TallyPrime reports’ access in browsers makes it even more useful for you as it enables you to browse reports from your mobile phone or tablet. It is very easy to set up TallyPrime to view and download reports from anywhere without having the need to open TallyPrime on your desktop.

In the topic View TallyPrime Reports in Browsers, you will learn the following aspects:

  1. Basics of TallyPrime reports in browsers including how to connect your Company for the same
  2. View TallyPrime reports in browsers on your mobile or tab
  3. View TallyPrime reports in browsers on your desktop
  4. Manage access rights of users
  5. Manage company for browser access

Control Centre for TallyPrime

TallyPrime Control Centre is an interface between the user and TallyPrime installed at different sites. Using Control Centre, you can configure and administer sites or users that belong to a particular account.

In the topic Control Centre for TallyPrime, you will learn the following aspects:

  1. Access Control Centre from portal
  2. Account management
  3. License management
  4. Change E-mail ID of administrator
  5. User management
  6. TDL management
  7. Report access management

Other Topics on Connected Services in TallyPrime

The category also contains Support Centre for TallyPrimegeneric error and queries, FAQ, error and resolutions, and other topics as mentioned below.

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