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TallyPrime Connected Services

Connected services in TallyPrime enables you to access your Company data from anywhere, remotely administer different sites linked to your account, and also manage your requests for technical support.

With the connected services in TallyPrime, you can have your business data at your fingertips, even when you are attending a business meeting, out on a trip or working from home. In addition to that, it will enable your employees also to use TallyPrime to work from home or during a business travel.

Work from Home or Anywhere Using Connected Services

When you want to work from home or any other location, you can make use of the connected services offered by Tally Solutions. access your Company data using Tally Virtual User (TVU), Remote Access in TallyPrime, or Reports in Browser. These connected services make it convenient for you to check outstanding payments or order status while you are out on the field, at your customer’s office or factory. You can also record orders on the move. Depending on your requirements you may choose one or all of these services. In addition to these, you can also use synchronisation in TallyPrime to exchange data between branches or consolidate data from different branches.

Refer to the topic Use TallyPrime When Working from Home or Anywhere for more details on using TallyPrime when working outside your office.

Administer Different Sites

Control Centre is an interface to manage TallyPrime licenses linked to your account but deployed at different sites. Your sites may be in the same city or geographically distributed across cities. Using this connected service, you can configure and administer sites or users that belong to your account. This makes it convenient for you to secure your sites from the comfort of your office.

Refer to the topic the topic Control Centre for TallyPrime to learn more about managing your sites using Control Centre.

Manage Your Support Requests

You can use the connected service Support Centre to post your queries/raise a support ticket on the products from Tally Solutions. You can also manage all subsequent interactions on the query/ticket, track your query, close a ticket, and reopen a ticket, if needed.

Refer to the topic Support Centre for TallyPrime to know more about how to use Support Centre for your needs.

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