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Cash Withdrawals/Deposits to Bank in TallyPrime

You can view cash withdrawals/deposits to bank in TallyPrime, which is a report that provides the details of total amount deposited or withdrawn from bank during the Analysis year, along with the voucher count.

View Cash Withdrawals/Deposits to Bank Report

  1. Gateway of Tally > Display More Reports > Analysis & Verification > Data Analysis > Cash Withdrawals/Deposits to Bank.
    Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To) > type or select Cash Withdrawals/Deposits to Bank > and press Enter.
  2. In Cash Withdrawals/Deposits to Bank report, select a Bank ledger and press Enter.

The above report displays the details of the cash withdrawal/deposit to bank transactions along with Voucher Type, Voucher Number, ledger amount, Instrument Date, Bank Date, Number of Days delayed, Verification Status and Verification Note.

If the Deposit Date is not mentioned, the last day of the Analysis period will be considered as the financial year ending.

Button options in Cash Withdrawals/Deposits to Bank report

  • Press F2 (Period) to change the selected period.
  • Press F4 (Ledger) to select a different bank Ledger and display the Cash Withdrawal/Deposit to Bank report for the selected Ledger.
  • Press F5 (Condensed) or press Alt+F5 (Detailed)Β to view the condensed Cash Withdrawals/ Deposits to Bank report.
  • Press F8 (Show Ledger) to display the default Ledger Vouchers report for the selected Party along with the details of the Opening Balance, Current Total and Closing Balance.
  • Press F9 (Analysis & Ver Reports) > type or select Movement Analysis > press Enter.
    You can follow this step to open any of the Accounting, Inventory, and Verification reports from the list.
  • Press Alt+J (Set Manual Sampling) to mark the selected Vouchers (using spacebar) as sampled. The manual sampling method will get applied to all such Vouchers and they will appear under the sampled column on the dashboard.
  • Press Alt+L (Delete Manual Sampling)to delete the Manual sampling method already applied for the selected Vouchers (using the spacebar).
  • Press Alt+Q (Reconcile) to reconcile the Cash Withdrawal/Deposit to Bank transactions by specifying the Bank Date if the vouchers are not reconciled.
  • Press Alt+R (Verify)to verify the selected vouchers. For more details on verification refer Verification Status
    Note: The Alt+R (Verify) button will be highlighted when one or more Vouchers are selected for analysis using Spacebar.
  • Press Alt+S (Remove Verify) to change the Verify Status for the selected Vouchers as Not Verified.
  • Press Alt+F12 (Range): to use the Range Filter option to search the specific vouchers from the list of Vouchers under each Voucher Type.
  • Ctrl+F12 (Value): Press Ctrl+F12 to use the Value Filter option to search the specific vouchers as per the specified user-defined criteria.

Configuration Options

Press F12 (Configure) to change the default view for the above report.

  • Show Narrations: Set this to Yes option to view the Vouchers along with their respective narration.
  • Show Received From (Cash): Set this option to Yes to display the name of the party who has deposited/ withdrawn the cash to/from Bank.
  • Show Transaction Type: Set this option to Yes to display the Transaction Type – Inter Bank Transfer, Cheque deposit etc selected during voucher entry.
  • Show Instrument No.: Set this option to Yes to display the Instrument Number entered during Voucher entry/reconciliation.
  • Show Transaction of: Select the required transactions (from All Items, Deposits and Withdrawals) for bank ledger to filter and display the vouchers for the selected transaction type.
  • Show Verification Status: Set this option to Yes to view the verification status of the vouchers.
  • Show Verification Note: Set this option to Yes to display the Verification Note as entered by the user during the verification. This option is set to Yes by default.
  • Show Client’s Clarification: Set this option to Yes to view the Clarification provided by the client for Vouchers that have been marked for Internal Observation/External Clarification.
  • Show Date and Time: Set this option to Yes to view the date on which, and time at which, clarification was provided for the listed Vouchers.
  • Show Verified By: Set this option to Yes to view the person who has performed analysis on the Vouchers.
  • Show Clarification from: Set this option to Yes to view the user who has provided clarification, if any, for the Vouchers.
  • Show Verification Status: Set this option to Yes to view the vouchers alongside the respective Verification Status (On Hold/Altered/Clarified/Internal Observation/External Observation/Internal Observation Clarified/Not Verified/Verified).
  • Show No. of Days Delayed: Set this option to Yes to filter the report based on the number of days delayed.
  • Include Exceptional Vouchers: Set this option to Yes to include Vouchers marked as Optional in this report.
  • Sorting Method: Select the required sorting method (Alphabetical, Amount-wise or No of Days Delayed) for the transactions from the list of Sorting Methods.
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