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Disconnect Users from TallyPrime Server

An administrator may require to disconnect the users from the companies in certain business management scenarios, such as a scheduled installation of the new release of TallyPrime.

Users who are accessing data from the TallyPrime Server can be disconnected from the TallyPrime Server monitor. All users working on a company, or individual users working on multiple companies, can be disconnected.

  1. In the Company View/User View, select the required Companies or Users.
  2. Press Alt+S (Disconnect). TallyPrime Server will ask for a confirmation.
  3. Press Enter to disconnect the users.

In the TallyPrime client machine:

  • A message will appear, asking the user to complete the task and close the companies. The user is provided a few minutes.
  • The server waits and detects the closing of the company. No further steps need to be taken.
  • If the user continues to operate in the companies, then the user will be disconnected, as TallyPrime client will shut down.
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