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Server Configurations in TallyPrime Server

All the Server configurations in TallyPrime Server can be done from within the TallyPrime Server Monitor, instead of altering the ini file. The existing license can be configured, new data locations can be added, data locations can be removed, and data access can be configured for users and user groups based on their Windows credentials.

New TallyPrime Gold Gateway Servers can also be configured from TallyPrime Server Configuration. You also have the option to strengthen the Security Configurations.

  • Press Alt+K (TallyPrime Server).

In this section, you can set the Data Location and the Access Control for Data Server. Under Access Control, you can configure the User and System Groups, and TallyPrime Gold License configuration.

Data Location

This option provides the choice to configure data location paths, and restrict/allow access for Users/User Groups to these locations.

To configure Data Location and Access

  1. Press Alt+K (TallyPrime Server) > Data Location. The TallyPrime Server Configuration screen appears as shown below:

The following operations can be performed:

  • The Name of TallyPrime Server (data Server) can be changed.
  • New Data locations (Data name and corresponding Data path) can be added. The administrator can also remove existing Data locations, if there is no need to share the data.
  • Access to a data location can be allowed or restricted for users. To configure data access settings for a data location, set the option Control Access to Yes.
  • You can enable the Control Access and Hide options from F12 configuration.

On enabling Control Access, the Control Access to Data Location screen will appear, where the following details can be seen:

  • Name of TallyPrime Server: The name as specified in the TallyPrime Server Configuration will be captured here.
  • Data Location Name: The name of the data location for which data access is being configured, will appear here.

Once the cursor is placed in the Allow access for below User/System Groups field, a List of User/Sys. Groups will be displayed.

  1. Select the required Groups. If User/System Groups exist, select the required Groups, and then select End of List to save the access settings and return to the Data Location Details sub-screen.
    If data access is being configured for the first time, the list will appear blank except for the End of List.
  2. Press Alt+L (User/System Group) to create a Group for which data access is allowed.

The User/System Group screen appears, with the cursor in the User/System Group Name field.

  • Enter a name for the User/System Group being created, and proceed with the creation.

The procedure to create User/System Groups using the Create User Group option, is the same as the procedure for the TallyPrime Server User Groups option.

Note: If the option Control Access is later disabled, the configurations will be saved and can be used if the option is later enabled. If the Data Location itself is removed, the corresponding data access configurations will get erased too.
  1. After adding the List of User/System Group Names that will have access to the data location, select End of List and return to the Data Location and Access Configuration sub-screen.
  2. Press Enter or click Yes to save the Data Location and Access Configuration sub-screen and return to the TallyPrime Server Configuration
    The newly added and configured data locations will be listed in the TallyPrime Server Information screen, with the option Control set to Yes:

TallyPrime Gold License Configuration

  1. Press Alt+K (TallyPrime Server) > TallyPrime Gold License. The TallyPrime Gold License Configuration screen will appear.
  2. Enter the required Tally Gateway Server’s IP Address and Port,
  3. Press Ctrl+A to save the changes. The changes made here will reflect in the ini file.

The IP Address and Port Number will be reflected in the TallyPrime Server Information screen:

The existing Tally Gateway Server for TallyPrime Server Monitor can be configured to a different server and port from F1 (Help) > Settings > Monitor Setup.

  1. Select from the Tally Gateway Server available, or configure the license manually by specifying the required IP and port number, and press Enter.
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