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CST Declaration Forms

A registered dealer needs to issue/receive certain declarations in prescribed forms to buyers/sellers. The types of CST declaration forms are C, E1, E2, F, H, I and J. These forms are printed and supplied by the registered dealer’s respective tax assessing authorities (generally the CST assessments are done by VAT assessing authorities). These forms are to be prepared in triplicate.

You can generate the following reports of declaration forms:

Form C

This is the Basic Form used by the Registered Dealers in the course of Interstate trade or commerce. All the registered dealers will issue ‘Form C’ at the time of purchasing goods or service from another Registered dealer. The issue of ‘Form C’ by the selling dealer will ensure that the goods being purchased are covered under his registration certificate and the CST can be charged at lower rates. The selling dealer, on the basis of this ‘Form C’, charges CST @ 2% or lower rate as applicable and submits the same to his assessing authorities as a proof or cause for lower collection of CST.

For example, assume that the local sales tax rate is 5%. The sales made in the course of interstate trade, will attract levy of CST at the rates as applicable for local sales. But for any registered dealer on submission of declaration in ‘Form C’, the CST will be charged at 2% (5% or 2% which ever is lower). Even the registered dealer will be required to pay CST at local sales tax rates if ‘Form C’ is not issued.

Form E1

Form E1 is used for making subsequent sales in the course of interstate sale/purchase by the first or original purchaser of goods. This Form should always be accompanied with ‘Form C’. The Form E1 is used for first subsequent sales by transfer of document of title to goods.

Form E1 is issued by the selling dealer to the dealer who is making subsequent sales for claiming the exemption from payment of CST to the subsequent buyer. The first subsequent seller of goods receives ‘Form E1’ and submits it to the department to claim exemption from CST for any sale made to other interstate registered dealer.

Form E2

Form E2 is used for claiming the exemption from payment of CST. In case where the registered dealer purchases goods from one registered inter-state dealer and sells the same while in transit, to another registered inter-state dealer, the sales will be exempted from CST on submission of ‘Form E2’ to the department. The ‘Form E2’ is used to claim exemption from payment of CST to the seller who is a subsequent or last inter-state dealer of goods.

Form F

Form F is used for claiming exemptions on the interstate movement of goods as Stock/Branch Transfers. The ‘Form F’ is issued by the Branch or Agent who is receiving goods from another state to the Transferor of goods. The transferor of goods can claim exemption from CST on submitting the Form to the department.

This ‘Form F’ is compulsory for claiming the transfer as Stock/Branch Transfer and no CST will be paid. In the absence of ‘Form F’, all such transfers will be treated as normal interstate sales and CST will be levied. The Dealer has the option to submit one ‘Form F’ for all the interstate Stock/Branch Transfer for a month with supporting annexure if required.

Form H

Form H is used by the seller for claiming the exemption on making penultimate sales (immediately preceding sale to exports). Sales made during the course of export are exempt from CST. The penultimate sale is also deemed to be in course of export and is exempt from CST. The dealer exporting goods will have supporting documents like customs documents, bank certificate, airway bill/bill of lading, shipping bill, and so on. However, the penultimate seller will not have any direct evidence to prove that the sale made is exempt from tax. In such cases, the actual exporter has to issue a certificate to the penultimate seller in form H.

Form I

Form I is used for claiming the exemption from CST on the sales made to any Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The buying dealer issues ‘Form I’ to the selling dealer. The selling dealer needs to submit the same (Form I) to the department to claim all the export benefits available to original exporter.

Form J

Form J is used for claiming the exemption of CST in case of Interstate sales made to any United Nations, Diplomatic Missions, and so on. The Form is issued by purchasing dealer to the selling dealer. The selling dealer submits this Form to the department to claim the exemption.

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