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Some of the commonly asked questions about purchases are answered here.

The difference between regular and optional purchase order is given below:

Regular Purchase Order: It allows you to track receipt note and/or purchase vouchers recorded against an order, therefore making it a complete cycle. Also, only regular purchase orders affect the Purchase Order Outstandings reports.

Optional Purchase Order: It will not allow you to track receipt note and/or purchase vouchers made against an order.

One similarity between both the vouchers is that they do not affect the books of accounts.

You can ascertain if the purchase order needs to be placed or not, and the quantity to order while recording a purchase order voucher.

  • In the purchase order voucher, select the required stock item.
  • Press Alt+S to view stock query report.
  • In the stock query screen press F7 (Show Reorders) to view the reorder details. The reorder status related to the stock item appears, based on the reorder levels set.

Note: Similarly, while recording sales orders you can ascertain the reorder status of stock items.

The difference between Debit Note and Rejections Out voucher is given below:


Debit Note

You can record a Debit Note to account in the following scenarios:

  • To account for goods returned to the supplier against a purchase.
  • To lower the value of the stock against a particular purchase, by entering only the amount.

A Debit Note can have both the Quantity as well as the Amount specified. The details entered in the transaction will reflect in accounting and inventory reports.


Rejection Out

You can record a Rejection Out voucher to return goods against a Receipt Note. This voucher can be used with or without selecting the tracking number. The Rejection Out voucher affects only the inventory reports.

Allocate inventory items in purchase voucher.

  • Check whether it is an Item Invoice or an Accounting Invoice. Items can be selected in Item Invoice only.
  • Press Ctrl+H (Item invoice) to record the transactions in item invoice mode.

Note: If you are recording the transaction in voucher mode, ensure the option Inventory values are affected is set to Yes in the purchase ledger.

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