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New Gold License with one TallyPrime Server

TallyPrime Server is deployed on the server computer, by activating the license using the Tally Gateway Server. A different gateway server, also running on the same computer, is used for the deployment of TallyPrime Gold.

Existing Set Up

  • Tally Gateway Server used for TallyPrime Gold deployment is installed on the server (ABC Server), and is running on the port 9090.
  • The data resides on the same server computer at C:\Data\HOData.
  • TallyPrime Server is installed on the same server computer (ABC Server).
  • A different Gateway Server is installed to serve the license for TallyPrime Server.

Steps for Deployment

When you install TallyPrime Server for a new user

  • Type Data in the field Data name.
  • Specify C:\Data\HOData as the Data location.
  • Enter ABC Server and 9090 in the Server IP/Name and Port fields respectively, in the existing TallyPrime Gold Gateway Server.

Once the IP Port configuration is made, TallyPrime Server will inform the TallyPrime Gold Gateway Server about the location of the data. All the TallyPrime Gold Clients will then be able to access the data from TallyPrime Gold Gateway Server.

For more information on TallyPrime Server installation, click here.

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