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TallyHelp Videos in Malayalam

This page collates all the how-to videos for TallyPrime and its features in Malayalam language. The TallyHelp videos in Malayalam are enlisted based on the categories and modules so that you can identify and navigate to the relevant video, based on your query.

You may watch these videos with audio in English or Hindi.

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Dashboard in TallyPrime

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This video demonstrates how to access Dashboard in TallyPrime.

Dashboard provides you with the overview of your business health, as you can gather key insights of your business on a single screen and make decisions accordingly.

It is very simple to navigate and with multiple tiles in the Dashboard, you can easily scroll across it.


This video demonstrates the various features of Dashboard in TallyPrime.

Dashboard comes with the facilities to add, configure, and remove tiles.

You can also expand any tile to focus on it.

This video demonstrates the process of restricting or disallowing users from accessing the Dashboard or tiles, based on their user roles.

In your business, you might be having a variety of users performing different tasks. You can easily restrict users from accessing the Dashboard or tile.

Moreover, you can allow users from accessing the Dashboard, while disallowing them from specific tile, as needed.

Excel Import in TallyPrime

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This video demonstrates the process of importing masters and transactions into TallyPrime using the Sample Excel File.

With a few basic steps, you will see how to download the Sample Excel File provided by TallyPrime.

After the download, you can fill the Sample Excel Files with details of masters or transactions and import that data into TallyPrime.

How to Import Data into TallyPrime

This video demonstrates how you can easily import data into TallyPrime using Mapping Templates. You have the flexibility of creating and customizing your own template to import data from your Excel file into TallyPrime.

While creating a Mapping Template, you will have to map the column headers in your Excel file to the corresponding fields in TallyPrime. Once you’ve created your Mapping Template and mapped the necessary fields, you can proceed with importing your Masters or Transactions into TallyPrime.

This way, you can seamlessly import the data entered in your Excel files into TallyPrime in just a few simple steps. 

How to Import Data into TallyPrime
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