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Get answers to all the frequently asked questions on the online validation of GSTIN and HSN in TallyPrime.

Online GSTIN/UIN Validation

If you have questions on the process of online GSTIN/UIN validation, errors while using the Get GSTIN/UIN Info, terminologies used in the GSTIN validation feature, then you will get answers in this section.

When you copy data from MS Excel and paste it in the respective field in TallyPrime, special or invisible characters get added to the data. However, you will not be able to identify such errors on TallyPrime’s screen. Therefore, to prevent such issues, you should type data such as GSTIN and HSN code in their respective fields in TallyPrime.

You can update the Party ledger with either Trade Name or Legal Name. Some GSTINs provide different Trading Name and Legal Name. You can make a choice based on the details that need to be printed on the Invoice.

After performing Get GSTIN/UIN Info, you will avail the following information –

  1. Trade Name – Trade Name is the name used by a company in regular business practices.
  2. Legal Name – Legal Name refers to the name registered at the time of incorporation of a company.
  3. Address – Address refers to the registered address of the Party.
  4. Status – Status refers to the status of the Party’s GSTIN
  5. EWB Blocked Status – You will get to know whether the GSTIN is blocked from carrying out e-Way Bill activities.

When the GSTIN is inactive or blocked from e-Way Bill activities on the e-Way Bill system, it will be displayed in red text. You can then check the exact details by setting Set GSTIN/UIN Info to Yes for that Party in the Update Party GSTIN report.

TallyPrime fetches the information from the NIC portal and does not alter the data. If some of the details are represented in upper case alphabets in the Get GSTIN/UIN screen, then it is because the information on the NIC portal is represented in the same way.

Yes, you can perform Get GSTIN/UIN Info for multiple parties in TallyPrime’s Update Party GSTIN report.

TallyPrime displays Information Not Found when there is no information available for one or more GST numbers on the e-Way Bill or e-Invoice system.

It happens because of one of the following two reasons:

  1. The data is not available on the e-Way Bill or e-Invoice system.
  2. The GSTIN is invalid.

TallyPrime does not send GSTINs that do not contain 15 alphanumeric characters for the exchange of information with the e-Way Bill or e-Invoice system.

You can avail information such as the status of GSTIN and EWB Blocked status only after you perform Get GSTIN/UIN Info from the Update Party GSTIN report in TallyPrime.

The time taken to fetch the single or bulk GSTIN would be in seconds depending on the connectivity and Internet speed and the number of GSTINs selected.

Online HSN/SAC Validation

This section comprises questions related to HSN code validation in TallyPrime and the information you can get using the Get HSN/SAC Info option in TallyPrime.

After performing Get HSN/SAC Info for a particular Stock Item or Stock Group, you will avail the Description of the Stock Item based on its HSN/SAC code.

The EWB/e-Invoice/GST systems currently do not provide GST tax rates against any given HSN/SAC Code as a response to Get HSN/SAC Info in TallyPrime. Moreover, a particular HSN/SAC Code can fall into various tax rates. Here are a few examples of services that have different GST rates –

  1. Cab services with fuel and without fuel have different GST rates.
  2. Cab services with and without Input Tax Credit (ITC) have different GST rates.
  3. The GST rates of a Hotel stay depend on room tariffs.
  4. The GST rates of Footwear vary with the MRP.

Furthermore, the GST rates of goods and services keep changing based on dates and exemptions declared from time to time. It is advisable to consult your Tax consultant before finalizing the GST rate for a Stock Item with a particular HSN/SAC Code.

You can also refer to the link to avail the GST rate corresponding to a particular HSN/SAC Code.

Yes, you can validate the SAC code from the Stock Item or Stock Group Creation/Alteration screen after setting Set/Alter GST Details to Yes.

Yes, you can perform Get HSN/SAC Info for multiple Stock Items or Stock Groups in the GST Rate Setup report of TallyPrime.

Yes, you can print or export the summary in the required format.

General Questions on Online Validation of GSTIN and HSN in TallyPrime

This section has questions relevant to both the features i.e. online validation of GSTIN and HSN. If you have questions regarding logging in to fetch the GSTIN/UIN and HSN/SAC information or request failure, then you will find the answers here.

You need either e-Invoice or e-Way Bill credentials to perform Get GSTIN/UIN Info for Parties and Get HSN/SAC Info for Stock Items or Stock Groups. Click on the following links to know how to create API login credentials:

  1. Create e-Invoice Profile on IRP
  2. Generate e-Way Bill credentials

TallyPrime exchanges the information with the e-Way Bill or e-Invoice system based on the credentials you enter. Thereafter, TallyPrime fetches the information from the system.

When you perform Get GSTIN/UIN Info or Get HSN/SAC Info in TallyPrime, either the e-Invoice or e-Way Bill credentials are required. You need to refer to the heading on the login screen and enter the credentials accordingly.

While performing Get GSTIN/UIN Info or Get HSN/SAC Info, here are the three scenarios applicable to login credentials

Feature Enabled Under F11 in TallyPrime
Login Credentials Required
e-Way Bill e-Way Bill login credentials
e-Invoice e-Invoice login credentials
Both e-Way Bill and e-Invoice e-Invoice login credentials

Content from the As per Portal side cannot be copied and pasted to the As per Books side. However, you can export the data from TallyPrime and use it as a reference to update the content in TallyPrime. While doing so, it is imperative to be careful when you copy the data from MS Excel and paste it in TallyPrime, since some invisible space or special characters might get pasted in the respective field in TallyPrime, which can cause errors and other issues.

TallyPrime displays Requests failed (Try again) in Exchange Summary whenever there is a technical failure such Internet connectivity or the service is down. You can identify the exact reason for the failure in the error message that appears before Exchange Summary is displayed.

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