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Line Related Attributes

Access Names

This attribute is used to identify the line by using unique access name.


Access Name : Access Name Formula


< Access Name Formula > can be a formula which evaluates to a string.


[Line : Sample Line]

Field       : Sample Fld1, Sample Fld2

Access Name : “Repeated Line” + $$String:$$Line


At Line level, the attribute Selectable indicates whether the line (or lines within the line) is selectable or not. The default value of attribute ‘Selectable’ for repeated lines is ‘YES’, and for non-repeated lines is ‘NO’. The value is also inherited from Parent Part/Line, and the same can be overridden at Line level.


Selectable : <Logical Formula>


<Logical Formula> must return the value as Yes or No


The attribute ‘Explode’ refers to an attribute of the line, which is used to take the current data from the Line Object. A Part is displayed after the process of explosion is complete.


Explode : <Part Name> : <Logical Condition>


< Part Name > is the name of the Part which displays additional information about the Line object.

< Condition > if True, will result in an explosion.

Next Page

The Next Page attribute specifies the cut off line that gets printed in the subsequent page. It accepts a logical formula as its parameter.


[Line : <Line Name>]

Next Page : <Logical Formula>


[Line : DSP Vch Explosion]

Next Page : (($$LineNumber = $$LastLineNumber) AND $$IsLastOfSet)

Preprinted/PrePrinted Border

The Attribute Preprinted or Preprinted Border can be specified at Part, Line and Field Definitions. These attributes work in conjunction with ‘preprinted/ plain’ button in the Print Configuration screen. When the Preprinted attribute is set to YES, the contents of the current Part, Line or Field will be left blank assuming the same to be pre-printed. When the ‘Preprinted Border’ attribute is set to YES, the borders used in the current Part, Line or Field will be assumed to be pre-printed.


[Line : <Line Name>]

Preprinted : <Logical Value>

Example :

[Line : Company Name]

Preprinted : Yes

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