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Backup and Restore Company Data

Ensuring the security and integrity of your company data is paramount in today’s dynamic business environment. Therefore, take a regular backup of your data using TallyPrime. It serves as a safeguard against potential threats such as virus attacks or hardware failures, enabling you to be well-prepared for unforeseen events.

Using TallyPrime, you can easily take a backup of your company data and restore it whenever needed. You can also use the backup feature to move your data to another computer or share it with your accountant or auditor for verification. Sharing the backup of the data is a much more reliable method than directly copying the company data folders.

It is recommended that you back up your data in a location that is separate from the original, for example, a different drive on the computer, a pen drive, a hard disk, and so on. You can even store this data on a cloud location and access it easily.

Configure Data Path

TallyPrime provides you with the flexibility to set the default paths for your data and backup, and change it whenever required, without affecting the data. These paths will be set as default for all the companies maintained in this version.

  1. Press Alt+Y (Data) > Data Path Configuration.
  2. Select the Data Path and Data Backup Path, as required.

Watch the video Data Configuration in TallyPrime Multi User to learn more.

Backup Company Data

The Backup Company Data feature safeguards your company’s valuable information and shields your data from unexpected mishaps or losses. Taking a backup of your data ensures that even if something goes wrong with your original data, you have a secure copy to rely on

  1. Press Alt+Y (Data) > Backup, to open the Backup Companies screen.
    Backup Destination Path: This is the default location of your company data. 
  2. Select the required company that you want to take the backup for, and press Enter to proceed.  
    TallyPrime provides you the flexibility to back up all the companies as well. 
    • In the Backup Companies screen, select All Items.

The backup file will be stored in the Backup Path as TBK1800_******. ***. If there is any conflict of data in the selected folder, you will have the option to either overwrite the older version or choose a different location or filename.

Backup of TallyVault Encrypted Company

You may have encrypted your company using TallyVault to safeguard your data. In this case, when you take a backup of your data, you will need to enter the TallyVault password to proceed. 

  1. Press Alt+Y (Data) > Backup.
    The Backup Companies screen appears, as shown below: 
  2. Select the company that you want to take the backup for. 
  3. Accept the screen. As always, you can press Ctrl+A to save.
    The Tally Vault screen appears.
  4. Enter the TallyVault Password and proceed with the backup process. 

If you are backing up multiple companies and one of the companies is encrypted with TallyVault, you will need to enter the TallyVault Password before taking the backup. To know more about how to enable TallyVault, click here

Restore Company Data

The Restore Company Data feature helps you in retrieving your company’s vital information effortlessly. It ensures the smooth recovery of your company’s data when required. Restoring your company data ensures that even if data is lost or compromised, you have a way to bring it back quickly and efficiently

  1. Press Alt+Y (Data) > Restore, to open the Restore Companies screen.
    Restore Destination Path: This is the location where your company data will be restored.
  2. Select the required company that you want to restore, and press Enter to proceed.  
    TallyPrime provides you the flexibility to restore all the companies as well. 
    • In the Restore Companies screen, select All Items.

If you have enabled TallyVault password for your company data, you will need to enter the TallyVault Password when you restore the data. 

Back up your data to keep it secure and restore it whenever you need. Remember, even if something goes wrong with your data, you have a reliable way to restore it with TallyPrime. 


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