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Activate Multi-Site License for TallyPrime Server

A multi-site account is a type of account that contains multiple TallyPrime, TallyPrime Developer, or TallyPrime Server licenses on different locations. Each site is given a unique identification by the user, and is termed as a Site ID. The multi-site account is identified using a unique Account ID.

For example, a company with branch offices in multiple locations, where single and multi-user licenses are activated, can create a multi-site account and the administrator can centrally manage all the branch office licenses.

To activate a multi-site account

  1. Start TallyPrime Server.
  2. Press (Activate New License) in the Startup screen, as shown below:

Alternatively, press F1 (Help) > Settings > License > Manage License > press F6 (Activate).
You can also reach the Manage License screen from anywhere in TallyPrime Server, by clicking the Server icon on the top left corner, just below the TallyPrime icon.

  1. Enter the Administrator Username and Password, if prompted, and press Enter to restart TallyPrime Server with administrator rights.
  2. Press Alt+S (Multi-Site) to view the Activate Site License
  3. Enter the Serial Number and Activation Key.
  4. Enter the Account ID to which you want to add this license. Contact your administrator, if you do not have this information.
  5. Enter the Site ID. The Site ID should be a unique name to help you to identify this license.
  6. Enter the E-mail ID/Tally.NET ID of the Site Administrator. The site administrator is authorised to perform all licensing operations for this site.
  7. Press Enter to save. The following screen appears:
  8. Press C (Create New Site)to activate this site license. The Unlock License screen appears on successful activation.
  9. Enter the Unlock Key sent to your e-mail ID in the Unlock License screen.
  10. Press Enter to unlock your license.

The following confirmation message will appear after you unlock your license.

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