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Use License from Network in TallyPrime Server

The option Use License from Network in TallyPrime Server must be used in a LAN environment to configure an existing license to your TallyPrime Server from the Tally Gateway Server.

To configure your TallyPrime Server license using the Gateway Server

  1. Start TallyPrime Server.
  2. Press U (Use License From Network) in the Startup screen, as shown below:
    The Welcome to TallyPrime Server screen

Alternatively, press F1 (Help) > Settings > License > Manage License > press F4 (Use License From Network). 
You can also reach the Manage License screen from anywhere in TallyPrime Server, by clicking the Server icon on the top left corner, just below the TallyPrime icon.

  1. Select the relevant license, and press Enter to configure the license.

A message will appear to restart TallyPrime Server. Press Enter to apply the changes.

Configure License Manually: You also have the option of manually providing the Tally Gateway Server Computer Name/IP address and Port number, as shown below:
Configure license to use license from network in TallyPrime Server

On successfully configuring the license, the Tally.Net User Login screen appears.

  1. Enter the Tally.NET e-mail ID and password to proceed, as shown below:

    Your license is successfully configured.


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