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This topic lists the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Company in TallyPrime.


This error may occur due to file corruption, or due to restricted access to the company data folder.


Perform either of the following to resolve this issue:

? Go to the data folder. If the size of the following files is 0 or 1 kb, then delete them.





? Rewrite your data. If this does not help, then perform a zero command rewrite.

TallyPrime allows you to create multiple companies with the same name. However, two companies with same name cannot be opened at the same time.

  1. Press Alt+F1 (Shut Cmp) to shut the existing company in TallyPrime.
  2. Press Alt+K (Company) > Create.
  3. Create a new company with the same name.
Note: It is suggested to specify different company names so that you can identify the companies easily.

When you want to carry forward your company to the next financial year, you can change the financial year/books beginning from dates by clicking F2: Period from the Gateway of Tally. The ledger closing balances for the previous year will be carried forward to the next financial year.

Note: To prevent the loss of your data, you should avoid changing the financial year/books beginning from date from the company alteration screen. If you proceed to change the date from this screen, you will lose data your data, and you cannot open the company without rewriting your data.

1. Gateway of Tally > F2 (Period).

2. Provide the starting date of the financial year in the From field.

3. Provide the ending date of the financial year in the End field.

4. Press Enter to save.

While creating the company I had suffixed the financial year to the company name. The company name along with the financial year is printed in every report. How can I avoid this?


You can avoid this by removing the suffix from the Mailing Name field available in the Company Alteration screen.

1. Alt+F3 (Company) > Alter.

2. Select the required company from the list of Companies. The Company Alteration screen appears.

3. Remove the financial year used as suffix from the Mailing Name field.

4. Accept the screen.

5. Print the report and check.

For remote access/edit, ensure the following are available:

? A valid Internet connection is available.

? A valid TSS (Tally Software Services).


In case of Multi site license, if wrong site id is selected for Remote user under Control centre > User management.


The license status is pending for confirmation against the Site License selected for Remote user under License Management


Select Correct Site ID for Remote user under Control Centre > User management and check.

For second scenario Confirm the reactivation of Site license under Control Center > License Management through Account Administrator login

You can print the company logo on the prescribed documents by copying the logo file to the same path (as mentioned on the server) on the remote computer.

In case the path does not exist on the remote computer, it is essential to create the required folder structure locally followed by copying the file with the same name that is specified on the server.

Note : Changing the path of company logo file Alt+P (Print) > Configuration > Show Company Logo > Image Path also changes the logo path on the server.

There are certain restrictions on the number of concurrent Remote Logins that can be performed for different types of Sessions (Logins into Remote Company, Control Centre, and Support Centre):


Remote Company (Data Session)

Control Centre

Support Centre


One user per License




10 concurrent users* per License



TallyPrime Server 9

50 concurrent users* per License



*A Tally.NET User can log into only one Remote Company at a time

The restrictions will be applied at Account-level.

So, if the Account is linked to:

? 1 Silver License, 1 Remote Login Session can be done

? 1 Gold License, 10 Remote Login Sessions can be done

? 2 Silver Licenses, 2 Remote Login Sessions can be done (1 Session per Silver License)

? 1 Silver License and 1 Gold License, 11 Remote Login Sessions can be done (1 Session for Silver License plus 10 Sessions for Gold License)


ABC Company has a Gold License, hence can do 10 Remote Sessions at a time. The first 10 users can log in as remote users.

? The 11th user will not be able to log in, as the number of Remote Login Sessions for a Gold License is limited to 10.

? When the 11th user tries to log into a Remote Company, an error message is displayed

There might be a scenario wherein such a business owner also has a Silver License. In such cases, the limit of one Remote Login Session will apply.

To view the balance of group companies, check the following:

1. The base currency of the member companies should have the same symbol and formal name.

2. Ensure that the Profit and Loss a/c ledger in all the member companies have the same nomenclature. Do not create a new ledger for the same. It is suggested that you use the default ledger provided by Tally for a Profit and Loss a/c.

The company connected to Tally.NET for remote access sometimes displays a different company name and connect name may be due to a connection error.

1. Change the company name or the connection name.

2. Reconnect the company to Tally.NET for remote access.

To create a Group Company, you need select that companies one by one that you need to include in a group. In TallyPrime, you do not need to load the companies beforehand.

Group Company Creation > Member Companies > Select Company.

Refer to the Group Company topic for more details.

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