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Auto Backup Your TallyPrime Data Using Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is a simplified approach to backup and restore your data in a scheduled manner. You can connect the application to a domain or a local system account, and schedule the execution of the backup process as per your setup.

The detailed procedure for installing and setting up Cobian Backup is given below:

  1. Download Cobian application.
    1. Download the application from https://www.cobiansoft.com/
    2. Save the .exe in any of the local drives.
  2. Install the Cobian application.
    1. Double-click cbSetup.exe > Run.
    2. In the setup window, click Next.
    3. Click I accept the conditions > Next.
    4. Type or locate the installation path > Next.
    5. Under installation type select As a service. Under service options select one of the following:
      • If you are on a domain, select Use a regular account and provide your Username and Password to prevent any Domain controller restrictions.
      • If it is a stand-alone PC, select Use Local System account.
    6. Click Next.
    7. Click Yes.
    8. Click Install.
    9. Once installation process is complete, click Done.
  3. Set up backup.
    1. Open the application.
    2. Click Task > New task or press Ctrl+A.
    3. Under the General tab, enter Task name (for example, Backup001) > OK.
    4. Click Files to select the Source > select the required folder.
    5. Click Add > select Files (directory, FTP or manual) from the list.
    6. Select the folder where Tally data is saved; for example, C:\TallyPrime\Data.
    7. Click Destination > select the path to save data > select a folder (existing or create a new folder) > click OK.
    8. Click the Schedule tab. Set the frequency for data backup.
    9. Click the Dynamics tab. Set the count of backup in Full copies to keep. For example, if you want to back up your data daily, you can keep only the last three backups. This completely depends on your business needs.
    10. Click the Archive tab. Select the compression type; that is, you can use Zip, 7zip, or No compression.
      Note: 7zip provides better compression.
      You can encrypt files up to AES 256 bits.
    11. Click the Filter tab, and select the files you want to include.
    12. Exclude *.tsf file from scheduled backup, and continue accessing the data during the backup process.
    13. Click Add > browse for .tsf files > OK.

      Note: During Backup process no need to stop working on Tally, as the .tsf files are already excluded.
    14. Click the Advanced tab > enable the required options > click OK.

As per the scheduled time, day and date, backup will take automatically. Cobian application shows the backup status and backup size. The backup taken from Cobian application will appear in the Destination specified during backup.

To restore the data, right-click the data backup (taken from Cobian application) > click 7-Zip > Extract here. The data is extracted in the folder with the same naming convention used in TallyPrime (for example, 100000, 100010).

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