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Build a Project

The Build option compiles and creates TCP files depending on the specification of various compiler options in the Project Properties window, like Show warnings, Treat Warning as error, and so on.

Individual files can be compiled, but cannot be built as TCP. A project must be created for building a TCP file.

To build a project

  • Go to Build > Build or press F9. This will build the currently active project.


  • Right-click the particular project, and click Build.

Building a project creates a TCP file in the name of the project.

TallyPrime Developer will save/ignore the unsaved changes in the project before compilation based on the selection made in the Compiler/Execution options. Refer to the topic Preferences for more details.

In the Build tab of the Output window, the TCP creation status is displayed. The serial numbers for which the TCP file is created are displayed in the window.

To decompile the TCPs, use the option TCP Decompilation provided in the website.

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