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Auto-Completion Behaviour

Auto-completion feature helps the developer to get the list of options after typing the initial few characters automatically.

The number of characters after which the programmer starts getting the options automatically can be specified in the Editor Options section of Edit/Style Options Tab in Tools > Preferences. This is referred to as automatic auto-complete.

If the number of characters typed is less than this number, then to activate the auto-completion behaviour, press Ctrl+Space. It displays the list of possible keywords in a list box depending on the current cursor context.

Similarly, the auto-completion feature is added for all the attribute values which accept constant keywords. This feature is used in TallyPrime Developer to work with the following contexts:

  • Definitions
  • System Definitions
  • Attributes
  • Modifier Location Keywords
  • Attribute Keywords inside Modifier & Local
  • Definition keywords inside local
  • Attribute values which accept constant keywords
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