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Layout Related Functions


$$KeyExplode function gives the current status of the keys Shift and Enter. This is used as a condition to check if the user has pressed the Shift+Enter Key combination.

Example 1: Simple Tabular Report

Let us consider writing a simple Trial Balance.

[Part : My TB Part]

Lines : My TB Title, My TB Details

Repeat : My TB Details : My TB Groups

Scroll : Vertical


A new function $$ContextKeyword can be used to get the title of the current Report or Menu. It is used to search the context-sensitive/online help based on the Report or Menu title.


$$ContextKeyword [:Yes/No]

The default value is NO . If the value is specified as YES , then the title of the parent report is returned. If no report is active, then the parameter is ignored. If the attribute Title is not specified in the Report definition, then by default, it returns the name of the Report.


[Report : Context Keyword Function]

Form : Context Keyword Function

Title : “New Function Context Keyword”



[Field : Context Keyword Function]

Use : Name Field

Set As : $$ContextKeyword

In this example, the functions return the Title of the current report, i.e., “New Function Context Keyword”. If the parameter value Yes is specified, then the title of the ‘Report’ from where the report “Context Keyword Function” is called, will be returned.

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