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Creating a Working Dictionary

Once the base dictionary is created, the next step is to create a working dictionary. The working dictionary facilitates the platform on which the user can perform various functions.

To create a work dictionary

1. Go to File > New > Work Dictionary (.DCW) , to open the New Work Dictionary [DCW] screen.

2. In the fields Dictionary Name and Project Name, enter the dictionary name and project name, respectively.

3. In the Select Language drop down , s elect the language for translation.

4. Enter the location to save the .dcw file in the Save At field.

5. Enter the path where the base dictionary file is available in the Base Dictionary field .

6. Click Create to create the new working dictionary . The message Dictionary created succussfully! is displayed.

7. Click OK to view the working dictionary.

In a working dictionary, an individual can perform the following functions:

In a working dictionary, the following additional functions are available for teams:

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