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Add URLs to Exemption List in FortiGate Firewall

The process to configure and add URLs, *.tallysolutions.com and *.tallyenterprise.com to the URL exempt list in FortiGate firewall is as follows:

  1. Enable Web Filtering > Web Exempt List in your firewall protection profile.
  2. In the WEB CONFIG screen, click Web Filter > URL Exempt to view the URL Exempt List.
  3. URL Exempt List displays the URLs which are already added in exempt list.
  4. Click Create New to add a new URL to exemption list.

  5. Enter *.tallysolutions.com in the URL field.

  6. Select Enable to add the entered URL to the exemption list.
  7. Similarly, add the URL *.tallyenterprise.com.
  8. Click OK to save the changes.
    After the changes close the FortiGate application and restart Tally.exe. Load the required companies to connect for remote access or data synchronisation.

For a complete list of URLs and IP address, refer to the Exclude IP/Hostnames in Firewall or Proxy topic.

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