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Add Tally URLs in the Exception List of Sonic Firewall

The following procedure explains the steps to whitelist Tally-specific URLs in Sonic Firewall.

  1. Log in to Sonic firewall using the default Gateway address; for example,
    Note: To find Default Gateway, open Run > cmd. Type ipconfig in the command prompt.
  2. Navigate to Firewall.
  3. Select Match Objects.
  4. Type Tally URLs that need to be whitelisted as shown below, and click OK.

    Note: Also add the URLs tallynet.tallyenterprise.com and experts.tallysolutions.com with Match Object Type as HTTP URL and Match Type as Partial. For a complete list of URLs and IP address, refer to the Exclude IP/Hostnames in Firewall or Proxy topic.
    The Object Name can be any user defined name, which will be used while defining Application policy. On adding the URLs, the match object screen will appear as shown below.
  5. Click App Rules under Firewall and click Add New Policy.
  6. Fill other details in the App Control Policy Settings section, and click OK.

Exclusion of Port Number 9050

  1. Navigate to FirewallService Objects and click Add.
  2. Exclude the port number 9050 as shown below.

    The above procedure will solve the below given issues for the customers using SonicWALL
    • Company not connecting to Tally.net
    • Tally Shop is not opening.
    • Sync connectivity issue.
    • Capsule download.
    • Activation/Reactivation of License.


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