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Release Notes for TallyPrime Server

TallyPrime Server Release Notes will provide a brief overview of all the new features introduced in the release and the product improvements done for a better experience.

Release 4.0 

TallyPrime Server 4.0 is designed to support all TallyPrime releases, including TallyPrime Release 4.0.

Release 3.0 

TallyPrime Server 3.0 is designed to support all TallyPrime releases, including TallyPrime Release 3.0.

Release 2.1 

TallyPrime Server 2.1 will be compatible with TallyPrime Edit Log Release 2.1 and TallyPrime Release 2.1.

Release 2.0.1

TallyPrime Server Release 2.0.1 is compatible with TallyPrime Release 2.0 and 2.0.1. 

Moreover, TallyPrime Server Release 2.0.1 will have bottom bar for shortcut keys.

Release 2.0 

TallyPrime Server Release 2.0 is compatible with TallyPrime Release 2.0.

Release 1.1.3 

TallyPrime Server Release 1.1.3 is compatible with TallyPrime Release 1.1.3.

Product Improvements – Release 1.1.1

TallyPrime Server Release 1.1.1 is compatible with TallyPrime Release 1.1.1.

TallyPrime allows you to link vouchers using link masters, such as Tracking No., Order No., and Cost Category, and keep a track of stock movement and cost allocation.

This linking between vouchers was lost when:

  • Data was repaired for companies created in TallyPrime Server.
  • The Maintain Inventory feature was disabled and re-enabled for companies migrated to TallyPrime Server, and company data was repaired.
This issue is fixed in TallyPrime Server Release 1.1.1.
Note: If your TSS was valid as in November 2020, you can upgrade to TallyPrime Server Release 1.1.1.

Important: For compatibility with TallyPrime Release 1.1.1, download and install TallyPrime Server Release 1.1.1 exe. 

Product Improvements – Release 1.1

When multiple companies were open from multiple client instances, upon drilling down while viewing the current activity using the filter ‘by user count/duration’, the Monitoring tool showed data monitoring for all the companies opened. This happened even when the user is not part of the opened companies. This issue is resolved. 

Highlights – Release 1.0

TallyPrime Server gives you an experience that is in line with the new TallyPrime design.

Compatible with TallyPrime

  • TallyPrime Server Release 1 is compatible with TallyPrime Release 1.0. Use of TallyPrime Server along with older versions of Tally (such as Tally.ERP 9) or use of TallyPrime along with older versions of Tally Servers (such as Tally.Server 9) are not recommended.

In line with TallyPrime Experience

  • Top Menu – In TallyPrime Server, you can perform various tasks using the Top menu options, without having to follow a rigid set of steps for each task.
    • The TallyPrime Server menu allows you to perform all Administrative and Access control activities from here. You can add Data Location, schedule a backup, and set security levels from this menu.
    • The Data menu helps you restore, or backup your data any time. You can also configure the data path for your company.
    • Other day-to-day tasks such as Import, Export, E-mail, and Print are all available from the Top menu. You have the flexibility to quickly access different actions and come back to the current screen.
    • Additionally, the Export menu allows you to Export Data for Analysis.
  • Buttons & Shortcuts: Right buttons, inline buttons, and keyboard shortcuts are made in line with TallyPrime
  • Ease of Data entry: Global keys like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for copy and paste of data enables you to make data entry easier, without the need to use different key combinations.
  • Mouse interactions: Many more mouse actions are included in TallyPrime to allow easy interaction with your data. You can scroll up and down in reports and lists, use right-click and left-click actions, and others, as needed.  
  • Product Information | About Page: Whether you are looking for information on the product, license, data, connectivity or your computer, About Page is the one-stop solution. Specific details like product updates, status of online services, and so on are available from this page, anytime you need.

Product Improvements – Release 1.0

In certain situations, scheduled backup was creating duplicate backup folders. This issue is resolved.

32-bit Application

  • TallyPrime Server is a 64-bit application that runs on Windows 7 or any later version of Windows, and a 32-bit version is not made available. With rapid changes in technology most of the hardware device manufacturers moved to 64-bit architecture that is more responsive when running several programs simultaneously and switching between them frequently. To benefit from the real advantages of the combination of 64-bit architecture and 64-bit operating systems for the best performance, TallyPrime Server is designed as a 64-bit application.

32-bit ODBC

  • TallyPrime Server supports 64-bit ODBC applications that allows you to take advantage of the 64-bit architecture and 64-bit operating systems for the best performance. Support for 32-bit ODBC applications are withdrawn. 

Status Bar

  • TallyPrime does not use a Status Bar to show the path to the current screen, as you can open different screens using Alt+G or Ctrl+G.
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