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Steps To Run Sample TDLs

  1. Post-installation of TallyPrime Developer, execute TallyPrime Developer from desktop or from the installation folder.
  2. Open the Sample project by traversing through Help -> TDL Samples.
  3. For ODBC and XML Data Source samples, copy the Excel File Samples\Supporting Files\Sample Data.xls, Folders Samples\Supporting Files\XMLData and Samples\Supporting Files\FileIOData to the local TallyPrime folder, for example, C:\TallyPrime.
  4. For DLL samples, from the Folder Samples\Supporting Files
    1. Copy the files CompoundInterest.Dll and MathLib.DLL to the local Tally folder.
    2. Install the files Sample1Installer.msi, Sample2Installer.msi, and Sample3Installer.msi and also ensure that .NET Framework 3.5 is installed on your system.
  5. For License Binding samples,
    1. Copy the folder Samples\Supporting Files\Licensing Binding Mechanism to the local Tally folder, for example, C:\TallyPrime.
    2. Copy the DLL File from the path Samples\Supporting Files\Licensing Binding Mechanism\Approach 4\CallDLLEncDec.dll to the local Tally folder, for example, C:\TallyPrime.
  6. For XML samples,
    1. Ensure that Internet Information Server (IIS) or any other Web Server is installed.
    2. Also, ensure that PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is installed. The Web Server needs to be configured for PHP.
  7. Copy files TestXML.XML, XMLData.XML, CXMLResponse.PHP, CXMLResponse as per Tally.PHP in the path Samples\Supporting Files to the local folder. C:\InetPub\WWWRoot in case the Web Server running in IIS.
  8. If sample data is not copied yet to TallyPrime then copy the sample data folders 00009, 00010, and 00011 into the relevant data path of TallyPrime after ensuring that the actual data folders with the same number do not exist.
  9. For What’s New in Rel 3.0 Samples,
    1. For Function – RemoteUserID Sample,
      1. Tally NET Login ID must be entered in the relevant TDL Code.
      2. The same is also provided for remote access under the Security Control in TallyPrime.
    2. For Image Printing and Resource Definition Samples, copy the folder Images from the folder Samples\Supporting Files to the local Tally folder, for example., C:\TallyPrime.
    3. Copy the folder XMLData from the folder Samples\Supporting Files to the local Tally folder, for example, C:\TallyPrime.
    4. For the Import Events sample, we need to use the file XMLData\Receipt.XML which imports all Receipt Vouchers as Payment.
  10. For What’s New in Rel 3.6 Samples viz., Action Execute TDL, copy the file Definitions to be Executed.tdl from the folder Samples\Supporting Files to the Local Tally Folder, for example, C:\TallyPrime.
  11. For What’s New in Rel 3.61 Samples, copy the files TextSource.txt and SmpBrowseURLEx.Bat from Samples\Supporting Files to the local Tally folder, for example, C:\TallyPrime.
  12. Now associate the TCP or Text File to Tally.ini file to see the effect of the sample codes in TallyPrime.
  13. Execute TallyPrime and select the group company 00011 i.e., ABCDEF Group which in turn loads both its member companies ABC Company Ltd and DEF Corporation (User Name a, Password a) and check the new Menu Item within added to the Gateway of Tally : TDL – Development Language.
    1. Use ABC Company Ltd for all other samples except Loop Collection.
    2. For Loop Collection, Group Company ABCDEF Group needs to be active for executing Group Company Stock Summary. For the Cost Centre wise Voucher, ABC Company Ltd needs to be active. More than one company must be active for Multi-Company Day Book and Multi-Company Outstandings Report.
NOTE: All TDL Samples contain relevant Header information explaining the purpose,
syntax (wherever necessary) of the code and dependency/specifications, if any for
executing the code successfully. 
  1. To serve the ODBC Clients in a cross bitness environment, i.e., 32 bit Tally to serve a 64-bit application or a 64 bit Tally to serve a 32-bit Application, we need to execute the appropriate regODBC file available in the Tally application folder as shown in the following table:



Default ODBC
Driver (Bitness
64 32 Tallywin.dat (32) 64 bit Tally ODBC Driver by executing
32 64 Tallywin64.dat (64) 32 bit Tally ODBC Driver by executing
  1. Since TallyPrime Release 4.5 comes with native 64-bit support, we need to ensure the following while working with DLL Samples:
    1. DLLs compiled for any CPU will work with 64-bit native TallyPrime by registering the DLL using regasm.exe.
    2. DLLs compiled for 32-bit cannot load in 64-bit native TallyPrime. So, DLL has to be recompiled for 64-bit.
  2. A new description ‘COM Interface’ has been introduced in TDL from Tally.ERP9 Release 4.6 onwards. In What’s New in Rel 4.6 Samples viz., COM Interface TDL, to use the external functions of the DLL MathLib.DLL, first register the DLL in the Visual Studio Command Prompt as:

regasm /codebase “<DLL file name with the absolute path>”

Please note that command line parameter ‘/codebase’ is to be used only for registering .NET COM Servers.

  1. To execute DevMode Samples, Profiler, Expression Diagnostics and Key Recording; Tally.ERP9 must be executed with Command Line Parameter ‘/DevMode’.
  2.  To execute Exec Excel Macro Samples, copy the Excel file Samples\Supporting Files\Tally.xlsm to local Tally Folder.
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