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Schema Changes in GST Details

In Release 3.0,  most of these changes are related to GST details. You can refer to these changes to ensure the imported data are reflected under Ready to Export field in triangulation report.

Sl.No Object Type Storage Name Data Type
1 Tax Unit Name String
2 Tax Unit GSTRegNumber String
3 Tax Unit UsedFor String
4 Tax Unit IsEwayBillApplicablePrev Logical
5 Tax Unit eWayBillApplicableDatePrev Logical
6 Tax Unit eWayBillApplicableType String
7 Tax Unit PriorStateName String
8 Tax Unit PinCode String
9 Tax Unit PhoneNumber String
10 Tax Unit StateName String
11 Tax Unit IsOthTerritoryAssessee Logical
12 Tax Unit GSTEInvBillFromPlace String
13 Tax Unit IsGSTeInvApplicablePrev Logical
14 Tax Unit GSTeInvApplicableDatePrev Logical
15 Tax Unit IseWayBillApplicableForIntra Logical
16 Tax Unit AddressName String
17 Tax Unit Address String
18 Tax Unit GSTRegistrationDetails Aggregate
19 Tax Unit GSTeWayBillDetails Aggregate
20 Tax Unit GSTeInvoiceDetails Aggregate
21 Tax Unit LUT Details Old Aggregate
22 Tax Unit LUT Details Aggregate
23 Tax Unit OldGSTCompositionDetails Aggregate
24 Tax Unit GST Composition Details Aggregate
25 Tax Unit GSTReconConfigDetails Aggregate
26 TaxUnit->GSTRegistrationDetails FromDate Date
27 TaxUnit->GSTRegistrationDetails RegistrationType String
28 TaxUnit->GSTRegistrationDetails IsOthTerritoryAssessee Logical
29 TaxUnit->GSTRegistrationDetails GSTR1Periodicity String
30 TaxUnit->GSTRegistrationDetails State String
31 TaxUnit->GSTRegistrationDetails PlaceOfSupply String
32 TaxUnit->GSTRegistrationDetails IsStateCessOn Logical
33 TaxUnit->GSTRegistrationDetails IsInactive Logical
34 Taxunit-> GSTeWayBillDetails ApplicableFrom Date
35 Taxunit-> GSTeWayBillDetails eWayBillApplicable Logical
36 Taxunit-> GSTeInvoiceDetails ApplicableFrom Date
37 Taxunit-> GSTeInvoiceDetails eInvApplicable Logical
38 Taxunit-> LUT Details Old FromDate Date
39 Taxunit-> LUT Details Old ToDate Date
40 Taxunit-> LUT Details Old LUTNumber String
41 Taxunit-> LUT Details  FromDate Date
42 Taxunit-> LUT Details  ToDate Date
43 Taxunit-> LUT Details  LUTNumber String
44 Taxunit-> OldGSTCompositionDetails FromDate Date
45 Taxunit-> OldGSTCompositionDetails TaxRate Date
46 Taxunit-> OldGSTCompositionDetails IsTaxRateZero Logical
47 Taxunit-> OldGSTCompositionDetails Basis of Tax Calculation String
48 Taxunit-> OldGSTCompositionDetails TurnoverType String
49 Taxunit->GSTCompositionDetails FromDate Date
50 Taxunit->GSTCompositionDetails TaxRate Date
51 Taxunit->GSTCompositionDetails IsTaxRateZero Logical
52 Taxunit->GSTCompositionDetails Basis of Tax Calculation String
53 Taxunit->GSTCompositionDetails TurnoverType String
54 Taxunit->GSTReconConfigDetails ApplicableFrom Date
55 Taxunit->GSTReconConfigDetails IgnoreSuppInvNo Logical
56 Taxunit->GSTReconConfigDetails IgnoreZeroDocNoPrefix    Logical
57 Taxunit->GSTReconConfigDetails IgnoreSpecialCharInDocNo Logical
58 Company IsGSTeInvInclEWayBill Logical
59 Company eWayBillApplicableType String
60 Company eWayBill InterStateThreshold Amount
61 Company PrinteWayBill Logical
62 Company StateName String
63 Company IsServiceTaxOn Logical
64 Company DeactivateServiceTaxFrom Date
65 Company eWayBill IntraStateDetails Aggregate
66 Company GST Details Aggregate
67 Company HSN Details Aggregate
68 Company CMP GST Details Aggregate
69 Company->eWayBill IntraStateDetails eWayBill IntraStateThreshold Amount
70 Company->CMP GST Details ApplicableFrom Date
71 Company->CMP GST Details GSTSourcePriority String
72 Company->CMP GST Details HSNSourcePriority String
73 Company->CMP GST Details BasisofCalc String
74 Company->CMP GST Details ThresholdLimit Number
75 Company->CMP GST Details IgnoreRoundingType String
76 Unit Reporting UQC Details Aggregate
77 Unit->Reporting UQC Details Applicable From Date
78 Unit->Reporting UQC Details Reporting UQCName String
79 Group GST Details Aggregate
80 Stock Group GST Details Aggregate
81 GST Classification GST Details Aggregate
82 Stock Item GSTApplicable String
83 Stock Item GSTTypeofSupply String
84 Stock Item GST Details Aggregate
85 Stock Item Reporting UOM Details Aggregate
86 Stock Item MRP Details Aggregate
87 Stock Item->Reporting UQC Details Applicable From Date
88 Stock Item->Reporting UQC Details Reporting UQCName String
89 Stock Item->MRP Details FromDate Date
90 Stock Item->MRP Details MRPRateDetails Aggregate
91 Stock Item->MRP Details->MRPRateDetails State Name String
92 Stock Item->MRP Details->MRPRateDetails MRPRate String
93 Stock Item->MRP Details->MRPRateDetails PriorStateName String
94 Ledger GSTApplicable String
95 Ledger IsBehaveAsDuty Logical
96 Ledger TaxType String
97 Ledger GSTDutyHead String
98 Ledger GSTTypeofSupply String
99 Ledger TaxType String
100 Ledger LedMailingDetails Aggregate
101 Ledger GSTAppropriateTo String
102 Ledger Led GST Reg Details Aggregate
103 Ledger GST Details Aggregate
104 Ledger VAT Details Aggregate
105 Ledger LedMulti Address List Aggregate
106 Ledger->LedMailingDetails ApplicableFrom Date
107 Ledger->LedMailingDetails Mailing Name String
108 Ledger->LedMailingDetails State String
109 Ledger->LedMailingDetails Country String
110 Ledger->LedMailingDetails PINCode String
111 Ledger->LedMailingDetails Address String
112 Ledger->Led GST Reg Details Applicable From Date
113 Ledger->Led GST Reg Details State String
114 Ledger->Led GST Reg Details GSTRegistrationType String
115 Ledger->Led GST Reg Details GSTIN String
116 Ledger->Led GST Reg Details IsTransporter Logical
117 Ledger->Led GST Reg Details IsCommonParty Logical
118 Ledger->Led GST Reg Details ConsiderPurchaseforExport Logical
119 Ledger->Led GST Reg Details PlaceOfSupply String
120 Ledger->Led GST Reg Details IsOthTerritoryAssessee Logical
121 Ledger->Led GST Reg Details TransporterID String
122 Ledger->VAT Details StatNatureName String
123 Ledger->LedMulti Address List GSTRegistrationType String
124 Ledger->LedMulti Address List PartyGSTIN String
125 Ledger->LedMulti Address List PartyOldGSTIN String
126 Voucher GSTRegistration String
127 Voucher CMPGSTState String
128 Voucher CMPGSTRegistrationType     String
129 Voucher CMPGSTIN String
130 Voucher CMPGSTIsOthTerritoryAssessee Logical
131 Voucher PlaceOfSupply String
132 Voucher GSTITCDocumentType String
133 Voucher PartyName String
134 Voucher IsCommonParty Logical
135 Voucher CountryofResidence String
136 Voucher StateName String
137 Voucher PlaceOfSupply String
138 Voucher GSTRegistrationType  String
139 Voucher PartyGSTIN String
140 Voucher PartyGSTIsOthTerritoryAssessee Logical
141 Voucher ConsigneeGSTIN String
142 Voucher ConsigneeCountryName String
143 Voucher ConsigneeStateName String
144 Voucher TaxPaymentType String
145 Voucher Tax Adjustment String
146 Voucher GST Additional Details String
147 Voucher PartyMailingName String
148 Voucher PartyPincode String
149 Voucher Address String
150 Voucher IgnoreGSTConflictInMig Logical
151 Voucher IsGSTOverridden Logical
152 Voucher IgnoreGSTFormatValidation Logical
153 Voucher IsEligibleforITC Logical
154 Voucher URDOriginalSaleValue String
155 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTOvrdnTaxability String
156 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTRateInferApplicability  String
157 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTOvrdnStoredNature       String
158 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTOvrdnTypeOfSupply String
159 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTSourceType              String
160 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTItemSource              String
161 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTLedgerSource            String
162 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTGroupSource             String
163 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTStockGroupSource        String
164 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries IsGSTAssessableValueOverridden Logical
165 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTOvrdnAssessableValue Amount
166 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTOvrdnTaxability String
167 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTOvrdnIsRevChargeAppl String
168 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTOvrdnIneligibleITC Logical
169 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTHSNInferApplicability  String
170 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries HSNSourceType            String
171 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries HSNItemSource              String
172 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries HSNLedgerSource            String
173 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries HSNGroupSource             String
174 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries HSNStockGroupSource        String
175 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries HSNOvrdnClassification     String
176 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTHSNName                 String
177 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTHSNDescription          String
178 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTDepHSNClassification String
179 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries GSTOvrdnTypeOfSupply String
180 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries -> Rate Details GstRate Number
181 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries -> Rate Details GstRateDutyHead String
182 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries -> Rate Details GstRateValuationType String
183 Voucher->InventoryEntries / Ledger Entries -> Rate Details GSTRatePerunit Number
184 Voucher->Ledger Entries AppropriateFor       String
185 Voucher->Ledger Entries GSTAppropriateTo     String
186 Voucher->Ledger Entries ExciseAllocationType String
187 Voucher->Ledger Entries StatNatureName String
188 Voucher->Ledger Entries->Bank Allocations Bank Party Name String
189 Voucher->Ledger Entries->AdvanceTaxDetails->TaxDetails TaxType String
190 Voucher->Ledger Entries->AdvanceTaxDetails->TaxDetails TaxRatePerUnit Number
191 Voucher->Ledger Entries->AdvanceTaxDetails->TaxDetails TaxRate Number
192 Voucher->Ledger Entries Tax Type Allocations Aggregate
193 Voucher->Ledger Entries->Tax Type Allocations TaxType String
194 Voucher->Ledger Entries->Tax Type Allocations Amount Amount
195 Voucher->Ledger Entries->Tax Type Allocations Tax Additional Details Aggregate
196 Voucher->Ledger Entries->Tax Type Allocations->Tax Additional Details Sub Type String
197 Voucher->Ledger Entries->Tax Type Allocations->Tax Additional Details Amount Amount
198 Voucher->EwayBillDetails->TransportDetails TransporterID String

Common Object – GST Details

1 GST Details ApplicableFrom Date
2 GST Details Taxability String
3 GST Details SrcOfGSTDetails String
4 GST Details GSTNatureofTransaction String
5 GST Details GSTIneligibleITC Logical
6 GST Details GSTCalcSlabOnMRP Logical
7 GST Details HSNMasterName String
8 GST Details IsReverseChargeApplicable Logical
9 GST Details IncludeEXPForSlabCalc Logical
10 GST Details CalculationType String
11 GST Details GSTNotificationDate Date
12 GST Details GSTNotificationNumber String
13 GST Details NatureOfGoods String
14 GST Details ReportingUOM String
15 GST Details ReversechargeRate Number
16 GST Details SupplyType String
17 GST Details Statewise Details Aggregate
18 HSN Details ApplicableFrom Date
19 HSN Details SrcOfHSNDetails String
20 GST Details->Statewise Details StateName String
21 GST Details->Statewise Details GSTSlabRates Aggregate
22 GST Details->Statewise Details Rate Details Aggregate
23 GST Details->Statewise Details->GST Slab Rates Rate Details Aggregate
24 GST Details->Statewise Details->GST Slab Rates Taxability String
25 GST Details->Statewise Details->GST Slab Rates ToItemRate Number
26 GST Details->Statewise Details->Rate Details GstRateDutyHead String
27 GST Details->Statewise Details->Rate Details GstRateValuationType String
28 GST Details->Statewise Details->Rate Details GstRate Number
29 GST Details->Statewise Details->Rate Details GstRateperunit Number
30 GST Details->Statewise Details->GST Slab Rates->Rate Details GstRateDutyHead String
31 GST Details->Statewise Details->GST Slab Rates->Rate Details GstRateValuationType String
32 GST Details->Statewise Details->GST Slab Rates->Rate Details GstRate Number
33 GST Details->Statewise Details->GST Slab Rates->Rate Details GstRateperunit Number


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