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Action Enhancements

This page explains the action related enhancements done in TallyPrime Release 1.0.

System Actions


Similar to the Field Attribute, SubForm, a new Action SubForm is now introduced to invoke the SubForm which empowers the developers to invoke the Sub Form from anywhere in the system.


SubForm : <Report Name>


[Object: SA VATGCC PGBRKConfig]

    Use                   : Vch Output Configuration

    Name               : @@SAVATGCCPGBRKConfig

    Value                : Yes

    IsInvisible        : NOT (@@IsVChGVATApplicable AND @@IsSales)

    Action              : ConfigAction : Action       : Sub Form : GVAT Bilingual PGBrk Config


Display Collection / Alter Collection / Print Collection / Mail Collection / Export Collection

At the inception of the application, global actions Display Collection, Alter Collection, and Print collection were introduced.

New action Mail Collection and Export Collection are added to perform explicit actions to mail and export a report. All the actions now accept the object name, and 2 optional logical parameters.


 Display Collection : <Collection Name>[:<Object Identifier>[:<Logical Expression1>[:<Logical Expression2>]]]


<Collection Name>  refers to the name of a collection.

<Object Identifier> can be any expression that evaluates to the name of the object.

<Logical Expression 1 > evaluates to True which shows the trigger report in case the specified object parameter is not found or if evaluates to False shows the error message.

<Logical Expression 2 > evaluates to Truewhich shows the trigger report in case the Collection is empty else does not show the trigger report.


[Object: CoATemplate]

Action   : CoA     : Display            : List of Accounts

Action   : CoA     : Ignore Field       : Yes

New Actions

New actions have been introduced to make the existing working more effective and efficient.

Shut Company Collection

The action Shut Company Collection populates the list of loaded companies for selection to shut the company.


                Shut Company Collection : <Collection Name>


[Object: Shut Company]

Use         : Action Object

Name        : $$SysName:ShutCompany

Action      : Shut Company : Shut Company collection            : Primary Companies

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