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Definition References Navigation

Definition Reference navigation is used to find definition references inside the programs. In other words, this search allows the user to find all the references and modifiers of the particular definition. This helps the programmer to quickly locate the desired position by shortlisting the number of occurrences.

To search for definition references

  • Go to Navigate Definition References.

  • Select the required Find Definition Reference window.


    Select the required Definition name within the selected Definition type to be searched.
  • Specify the Search in drop-down menu. Explanation about the various scopes can be found in the topic Find in Files.
  • Select the Modifiers, Both, and then click on the Reference Tab of the output window. Reference tab displays all the places where the function AlterCostCatAlloc is used. The function AlterCostCatAlloc has been used in four definition types.

    Alternatively, Ctrl+/ and Ctrl+Shift+/ are the shortcut keys to display the list of references and modifiers for the description in the context.

    Note: While navigating to a variable definition, the parent description of the variable is displayed along with the variable.

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