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Working on Reference Dictionary

Using Reference Dictionary you can add strings, search and edit strings, and also add translations.

Reference dictionary enables the following actions:

Adding Strings

When Dictionary Manager creates a reference dictionary, all single-word strings that are translated, are available in it. Strings can be further added to the reference dictionary when required.

To add strings into the reference dictionary

  1. Click an empty row in the column English.
  2. Enter the string to be translated.
  3. Press the Enter or Tab key from the keyboard to add the string.

Adding Translation

The translation can be edited and added for the strings by clicking in the column for the translated string (the language column).

To add translation

  1. Click the language column next to the word.
  2. Enter the translation. To use the phonetic keyboard, go to Edit > Phonetic Keyboard.
  3. Press the Enter or Tab key from the keyboard to add the translation.

Searching Strings

To search for a string in the reference dictionary

  1. Enter the string to be searched for, in the Look For: field.
  2. Select the appropriate option from the drop-down box.
  3. The reference dictionary will display search results.

Editing Strings

To alter a string

  1. Click in the required column.
  2. Edit the required string.
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