How will Ledger Balances be Affected with Regard to Post-Dated Cheque (PDC)?


Purchase made from SLV Agencies on 31st Jan 2015. Value of purchase Rs. 1,84,800/-. Three PDC has been issued to party (SLV Agencies) on 05th Feb 2015.

1st PDC – 15th Feb 2015

2nd PDC – 10th Mar 2015

3rd ODC – 25th Mar 2015


While recording entries of payments and receipts, you can opt to view the party’s current balance, and the balance after including the post-dated cheque(s).

The current ledger balance shows as 1,84,800.00 Cr.

By enabling Show Balances as on Voucher Date in F12 : Configuration :

Now balances of the ledger shows considering PDC issued as on Voucher Date.

By enabling Show Ledger Final Balances shows balances of whole financial year considering all PDCs.

Note : Cursor goes to this option only if ‘Show Balances as on Voucher Date’ is disabled.

Here balance shows zero because the bill has cleared against PDCs as shown below:

Ledger Balance considering PDCs:

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