Passing Post-Dated Cheque (PDC) Payment Transaction


Purchase made from SLV Agencies on 31st Jan 2015. Value of purchase Rs. 1,84,800/-. Three PDC has been issued to party (SLV Agencies) on 05th Feb 2015.

1st PDC – 15th Feb 2015

2nd PDC – 10th Mar 2015

3rd ODC – 25th Mar 2015


To issue PDC

1. Go to Payment Voucher > Debit Party Ledger.

2. Specify the Voucher Date as later date (PDC):

3. Mark voucher as Post-Dated by pressing Ctrl+T .

In Bank Allocation screen, you have new filed “PDC Issue Date” (This is the date on which you have issued PDC, by default it takes System Date, this is an editable field)

Note : Inst. Date – This is the cheque date (PDC) or Voucher Date (Based on business scenario, Instrument/Cheque Date and Voucher Date can be differ.

4. Similarly issue two more PDCs.

On 10th Mar-2015

Here PDC issue date remain same, however cheque date is 10th Mar 2015

On 25th Mar-2015

Now when you check the Current Date & Date of Last Entry in Gateway of Tally, there will not be any effect irrespective of PDC Date and PDC Issue Date in voucher. The Date of Last Entry shows the last regular voucher entered date:

To see the effect of these transactions

1. Go to Display > Accounts Book > Ledger.

2. Select Party A/c (by default the balances shows based on Date of Last Entry).

3. Click Include Post-Dated to see final balance of the ledger as shown below:

Now balances of ledger shows including PDC transaction (which is projected balance).

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