VAT Sales

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Branch Transfer Outward

Consignment Transfer Outward

Deemed Exports


Interstate Branch Transfer Outward

Interstate Consignment Transfer Outward

Interstate Deemed Export

Interstate Labour Charges Collected

Interstate Sales

Interstate Sales - Against Form C

Interstate Sales - E1

Interstate Sales - E2

Interstate Sales - Others

Interstate Sales - Tax Free

Interstate Sales - Works Contract

Interstate Sales - Zero Rated

Interstate Sales Exempt - E1

Interstate Sales Exempt - With Form C

Interstate Sales Exempt

Interstate Sales High Seas

Interstate Transfer Outward - Principal

Labour Charges Collected

Sales - Others

Sales - Tax Free

Sales - Works Contract - Ongoing

Sales - Works Contract

Sales Exempt - On Going

Sales Exempt - Works Contract - Ongoing

Sales Exempt - Works Contract

Sales Exempt

Sales High Seas

Sales Non-Creditable

Sales Taxable - On Going

Sales Transfer of Right to Use - Exempt

Sales Transfer of Right to Use

Sales Zero Rated

Taxable Sales

Sales with VAT Based on Quantity for Petrol and Diesel