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TallyPrime with WhatsApp

With businesses expanding their customer bases day-by-day, it becomes important for every business to stay connected with their parties. For every transaction you make, you might be sharing the invoices, order details, status of the shipment, delivery details and many more, with your parties. TallyPrime Release 4.0 now enables you to send your invoices and reports through WhatsApp – along with a host of other features to communicate with your parties.

To get started with TallyPrime with WhatsApp, you will need to follow a simple sign up process with our trusted solution provider – Interakt. You will sign up with Interakt to create your WhatsApp for Business Account (WABA). Interakt provides you the platform to connect with your parties instantly through the WABA, from the inbox of your Interakt account. Activate your WhatsApp subscription, add the number registered with WABA to your TallyPrime, and you are all set to send any invoice or document instantly to your parties’ WhatsApp number – in different file formats. 

You can refer to the following links for detailed information:

Have any further questions? We have listed down a whole bunch of common FAQ and exceptions that will assist you with any queries. 

Want to talk to an expert? Reach our to your Tally Partner or Tally Support.   

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