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Exclude IP/Hostnames in Firewall or Proxy

In a tightly secured environment, the firewall or proxy might restrict the request and response from certain IP address or host names. In such scenarios you may have to list the IP/host names that need to be bypassed by the firewall or proxy. Following are the list of IPs/hostnames that need to be whitelisted in the firewall or proxy to get the request and response messages from Tally to enjoy the Tally Software Services.

List of IP/URLs/Hostname to be Excluded

Whitelist the following Host Names and IP in your Firewall or Proxy settings to avail the services provided by Tally seamlessly.

Service Name : To access e-Invoice Services

einvoice.tallysolutions.com Multiple IP 9009

* einvoice.tallysolutions.com

Multiple IP 443

* einvoice-demo.tallysolutions.com

(This feature is available in TallyPrime Release 1.1.4 onwards.)

Multiple IP 443

* This is applicable to TallyPrime Release 1.1.4 onwards.

Service Name : To access License Service, renew TSS and TallyShop.

experts.tallysolutions.com Multiple IP  

Service Name : To access Tally reports in browsers.

browser.tallysolutions.com Multiple IP 9009 and 443
tallysolutions.com Multiple IP 443 and 80
browser1.tallysolutions.com 9009 and 443
browser2.tallysolutions.com 9009 and 443
browser3.tallysolutions.com 9009 and 443

Service Name : To access customer portal on Tally website, reports in browsers.

customer.tallysolutions.com Multiple IP 443 and 80
iam.tallysolutions.com Multiple IP 443 and 80

Service Name : To access all Tally Software Services (TSS) such as Synchronisation, Remote Access and so on.

trb001.tallyenterprise.com 443 and 80
trb002.tallyenterprise.com 443 and 80
trb003.tallyenterprise.com 80 and 9050
trb004.tallyenterprise.com 443 and 80
trb005.tallyenterprise.com  80 and 443
trb006.tallyenterprise.com  80 and 443
trb007.tallyenterprise.com  80 and 443
trb008.tallyenterprise.com  80 and 443
trb009.tallyenterprise.com  80 and 9050
lds001.tallyenterprise.com 80 and 443
lds002.tallyenterprise.com 80 and 443
cds001.tallyenterprise.com 80
cds002.tallyenterprise.com 80
cds003.tallyenterprise.com 80
cds004.tallyenterprise.com 80
cds005.tallyenterprise.com 80
cds006.tallyenterprise.com 80
cds007.tallyenterprise.com 80
cds008.tallyenterprise.com 80
cds009.tallyenterprise.com 80

Steps to Exclude IP/URLs/Hostname

  1. Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > click Connections.
  2. Click LAN Settings > Use proxy server for your LAN > Advanced.
  3. Under the Exceptions section, type *.tallysolutions.com:80;*.tallysolutions.com:9050;*.tallysolutions.com:9009;*.tallysolutions.com:443;*.tallyenterprise.com:80 as shown below:


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