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Adding TallyPrime to the Exceptions List of Windows 10 Firewall

You need to add TallyPrime program files to the exceptions list of Windows 10 firewall in order to allow TallyPrime to send information to or from your computer through the Windows firewall. 

To add TallyPrime files to the exception list of Windows 10 firewall 

  1. Go to Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Advanced settings. The Windows Firewall with Advanced Security screen appears. 
  2. Click Inbound Rules
  3. Click New Rule under Actions of Inbound Rules. The Rule Type screen appears. 
  4. Select Program and click Next. The New Inbound Rule Wizard screen appears as shown below: 
  5. Select This program path
  6. Click Browse to specify the program files in your local system. 
  7. Click Next. The Action screen is displayed to specify the action for the rule. 
  8. Select Allow the connection, as shown below: 
  9. Click Next. The Profile screen is displayed to specify the profile for which this rule applies. 
  10. Select the required options. 
  11. Click Next. The Name sub-screen appears. 
  12. Enter the Name and the Description (optional), if required. The New Inbound Rule Wizard screen appears as shown below:
  13. Click Finish. The Inbound Rules list will now display the new rule created, as shown below: 

Note: Similarly, you can add TallyPrime program files to the outbound rules by selecting Outbound Rules in the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security screen. 

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