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Reconciliation in GSTR-2A | Mismatch in ITC Between Books and GST Portal

Before claiming input tax credit, you can check the eligible amount as per the GST portal, compare it with your books and manually reconcile the entries in GSTR-2 report of TallyPrime. The comparison is based on the inward supply data provided by businesses in GSTR-3B and the values of inward supplies available in GSTR-2A.

To identify mismatches in input tax credit claimed

  1. Download GSTR-2A JSON file of the required tax period from the GST portal.
  2. Gateway of Tally > Display More Reports > Statutory Reports > GST Reports > GSTR-2.
    Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To) > type or select GRTR-2 > and press Enter.
  3. Select the period as per the GSTR- JSON file.
  4. Press Alt+O (Load File) and load the GSTR- JSON file only for comparison. The following message appears, asking for reconciliation of the invoice status.
  5. Click No to load the file only for comparison.
    If you press Yes, the invoice status will be reconciled as Status Updated and displayed as New. To clear the status:
    1. Press F5 (Status-wise View).
    2. Press Enter on the relevant status that are updated.
    3. Press Ctrl+Spacebar to select all the invoices.
    4. Press Alt+R (Clear Status).
      The details are compared and indicated in:
    5. Blue for details as per the downloaded GSTR-2A JSON file. This includes the details of invoices submitted by the supplier, and the invoices that you have manually uploaded on the portal.
    6. Black for details of invoices As per books.
    7. Press F5 (Status-wise View).
      Fully matched displays transactions that fully match with the records on the portal.
    8. Select Partially Matched > press Enter > press F5 (Detailed).
    9. Check the invoices, take the required actions if need be, or inform the counterparty to upload the appropriate details of the invoices.
    10. Select Available Only in Books > press Enter > press F5 (Detailed).
    11. Check the invoices, and inform the counterparty about the unavailability of invoices.
    12. Select Available Only in Portal and press Enter. press F5 (Detailed).
    13. Check the invoices, and record the appropriate entry in the current return period.
  • ¬†

If there are amendments done by the counterparty in GSTR-1, then the same is reflected in your GSTR-2A. These invoices may not be available in your books. Check your book information across return periods for further action.

Based on the differences observed, you or your counterparty can record appropriate entries in the current return period, to correct the books.

To avoid mismatches in input tax credit as per books and GSTR-2A, you can download and compare GSTR-2A to match the details of input tax credit for the previous and upcoming return periods. This helps to ensure correctness of input tax credit claimed.

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