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Company, Ledgers, Groups, Stock

Create Company in TallyPrime

Create Stock Group and Stock Items

Delete unused Stock Items

Record vouchers with Batch-Wise Details for Stock Items

TallyPrime enables you to maintain stock items in batches. You can use the facility for perishable goods and any type of product for which you have different batches. This video takes you through the process of enabling the feature of batches in TallyPrime, and ensuring that the stock items have the batch-related details. Moreover, it will help you understand the concepts of manufacturing date and expiry date for batches of a stock item and how you can record vouchers for stock items with and without these dates.

Remove Opening Quantity from multiple Stock Items

This video will guide you on removing Opening Quantity for multiple Stock Items in TallyPrime. When you use a Company data with all the required Stock Items and ledgers, you may want to remove Opening Quantity from Stock Items so that you can update it relevant to your Company or branch or godown. You can remove or provide Opening Quantity for Stock Items in a matter of seconds. Learn how.

Specify Opening and Closing Stock Value using Stock-In-Hand Ledger

Use Alternate Units for Stock Items

This video will guide you on using alternate units for stock items in TallyPrime. You will know the flexibility of the feature that will help you handle various business scenarios that involve Stock Items prone to seepage and variation in quantity.

Specify barcodes in Stock Items & use them during Voucher creation

This videos helps you understand how to specify barcodes in Stock Items in TallyPrime and ease your data entry process during voucher creation.


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