Passing PDC Transaction for Notional Bank

Usually PDC receipts can be recorded through Notional Bank. Whenever users receive PDC from their party, on the date of PDC receipt, as they are not sure to which bank they are going to deposit, they can put it under Notional Bank. This will not get regularized automatically. Users need to regularize manually.

When PDC is received, pass a receipt voucher marking with Post-Dated by debiting Notional Bank as shown below:

In the bank allocation screen PDC/Voucher Date will be captured in Instrument Date field. Also PDC Receipt date captures the Current/System Date (on which PDC was received, this field can be editable), as shown below:

When on specific date, user have option to view PDC Report (Alt+T) from Day Book:

Here they have to take action on status of the Cheque:

By changing the period, user can even view PDC transactions of future dates:


Regularized :

These cheques (issued/received) have got regularized today, however user need to ensure:

Cheques which were issued from bank has sufficient balance to clear the cheques.

Cheques which were received need to deposit to respective bank.

Unlinked :

If received cheques are under Notional bank, then user need to move those to regular bank. Then status of cheques will get changed to Regulaized.

Pending :

These are the cheques which Date is yet to occur. Pending status transactions will get be Regularized based on Date of Last Entry.

PDC Note can be viewed by enabling from F12: Configuration . Here the transaction status ‘Unlinked’ need to be actioned. Therefore, user has to move ledger from Notional Bank to regular bank.

Keep a cursor on Unlinked transaction > press Spacebar to select > click on Alter Bank (Alt+F4) as shown below:

Select the regular bank from the list of banks and press Enter to save changes:

Now the status will get changed to Regularized :

Note : User can even change the Voucher Date (Alt+A Alter Date) of issued/received PDC based on business scenarios. For e.g. If party is request to deposit Cheque after 2 days or you may request your vendor to deposit Cheque after a week. However Date written on Cheque will not be affected.

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