Additional Reporting Capabilities/Features using Post-Dated Cheque

You can obtain a comprehensive summary of all transactions involving post-dated cheques using the Post-dated Summary report.

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Banking > Post Dated Summary .

You can track post-dated cheques from the cheque register.

2. Go to Gateway of Tally > Banking > Cheque Register .

You can link the PDC to a generic bank ledger, and then manually select the required bank after the cheque has been presented from the Post-dated Issued/Post-dated Received report. The transaction will not be regularized until you have linked it to a bank, though its date of presentation has been reached.

3. You can opt to include post-dated transactions in MIS reports such as Cash Flow and Funds Flow Statements , and other reports such as Ledger Vouchers , Group Summary , Outstanding reports ,etc.

4. And when you are checking the Day Book , you can view the post-dated transactions for the period by just clicking T: Post-dated Rep button available in the report.

5. You can opt to view reports with actual values, or values that include post-dated cheques, using the New Column option.

6. Generation of party-wise as well as consolidated PDC outstanding reports.

7. Visibility of all PDC specific information including instrument no, instrument date, the bank and branch of the payee/issuer.

8. You can also opt to record the PDC receipts to a notional bank, in case you are not sure about the bank to which it should be deposited, at the time of receiving the cheques.