Voucher Entry Configuration - Allow Cash Accounts in Journals

Journals are adjustment entries, which do not involve Cash account and Bank account. However in exceptional cases where the user would like to account Journal entries involving Cash/Bank Account, Tally.ERP 9 has the flexibility of passing such entries by enabling the option under F12 configuration.

To enable Cash Accounts in Journal voucher

Set Allow Cash Accounts in Journals to Yes in F12: Configure (Voucher Entry Configuration).

To pass a Journal voucher with Cash/Bank Ledger,

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > Select F7: Journal.

2. Press the spacebar at the Debit or Credit field. The Journal Voucher Screen with Cash/Bank Ledger selection will appear as shown:

Note: All Cash accounts and Bank accounts are displayed in the List of Ledger Accounts. Accordingly the journal entry has to be made.

Special Keys for Voucher Narration Field

ALT+R : Recalls the Last narration saved for the first ledger in the voucher, irrespective of the voucher type.

CTRL+R : Recalls the Last narration saved for a specific voucher type, irrespective of the ledger.