Recording Jurisdiction Details (Excise for Manufacturer)

Details pertaining to range, division, and commisionerate to which the excise unit belongs to can be defined.

To record jurisdiction details

1. Click F12: Configure from the Excise registration details screen.

2. Set the option Enable jurisdiction details .

3. Click L :Details .

4. Enter the period from which the details of range entered, will be applicable from.

5. Enter the Code , Name and Address of the Range .

6. Press Enter .

7. Enter the date Applicable From , Code , Name and Address for another period, if required.

8. Press Ctrl+A to save the details.

9. Similarly record details of Division and Commisionerate , as applicable.

10. Press Enter .

Note : Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu is listed in State field in Release 6.6.3 and later versions