e-CST Purchase Details Annexure (Gujarat)

Purchase Details annexure captures details of interstate purchases made in the current period. The registered dealer submits the Purchase Details annexure along with CST Form 3B.

Transactions that fulfill the following prerequisites are displayed in the Purchase Details annexure:

Transaction where the Nature of Transactions is:

o Interstate Purchases Against Form C

o Interstate Purchases E1

o Interstate Purchases E2

o Interstate Purchase Exempted - E1

o Interstate Branch Transfer Inwards

o Interstate Consignment Transfer Inwards

o Branch Transfer Inwards

o Consignment Transfer Inwards

o Interstate Purchases - Deemed Exports

o Interstate Purchase Exempt - With Form C

In party ledger master:

o The VAT TIN is 11 digits long and does not start with 24.

o The Type of Dealer selected is Regular .

To view Purchase Details annexure

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > Form 3B .

Click A : Annexures .

To export the form

1. Select Purchase Details .

2. Press Enter .

3. Press Ctrl+E to export the form. Ensure the purchase details template is copied to export location.

4. Press Enter to export the form.

The different fields in the form are described below:

Field Name


Invoice No.*

Displays the Supplier Invoice No. entered in the purchase invoice.

Invoice Date* (dd/mm/yyyy or dd-mon-yyyy)

Displays the date entered in Date field against Supplier Invoice No. in purchase invoice.

Seller Tin No.*

Displays the CST No. predefined for the party ledger selected in the purchase invoice.

Seller Name*

Displays the Name predefined for the party ledger selected in the purchase invoice.


Displays the name of the state based on the State selected in the party ledger master or in the Party Details screen.

Goods With HSN

Displays the Commodity Code assigned to the item master selected in the purchase transaction. If there are multiple commodities in a transaction, each is captured in different row.

Value Of Goods*

Displays the assessable value of the purchase transaction.


Displays the total of CST and additional tax provided in the purchase transaction.


Displays total purchase value (assessable value + CST + additional tax).

Form Type*

Displays the form based on the Nature of Transaction and the corresponding forms selected in the purchase transaction.