e-VAT Annexure 201 A (Gujarat)

The Gujarat Commercial Tax Department has provided five excel templates for Annexure 201A. Each template has specified number of rows to provide transaction details. Based on the number of transactions recorded during a particular return period, the required template can be selected for exporting data from Tally.ERP 9.

To export data to Annexure 201A template :

1. Copy the required excel template to the Tally.ERP 9 installed folder.

2. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > Form 201 .

3. Click A : Annexures .

4. Select Form 201A and press Enter . All invoices, including retain invoices, are shown in separate rows.

5. Click the toggle button C : URD Consolidate if the values of all retail invoices have to be consolidated. If the retail invoices are to be shown separately, click C : URD Individual . Based on the configuration set in this report, the data can be exported.

6. Click the toggle button R : Hide retail invoice to display only the tax invoices. If the retail invoices also have to be exported, click R : Show retail invoice . Based on the configuration set in this report, the data can be exported.

7. Press Ctrl+E to view the Export Report screen. From the list of excel templates displayed for selection, select the required template based on the number of transactions recorded during a particular return period. Ensure the excel template is available in the Export Location .

Based on the Form 201A report period, the From and To dates are displayed here. These dates can be changed from Form 201A report, if required.

8. Enable the option Include retail invoices also if details of transactions recorded in retail invoices are also to be exported to template. If this option is set to No , the transaction details of only tax invoices are exported.

Note: Data is exported based on the configuration set for the option Include retail invoices also . This overrides the view defined in the Form 201A report to show/hide retail invoices.

9. Press Enter to export data.

The data gets exported to the e-return template.

Pre-requisites for generating Annexure 201A

Invoice Type

In the Statutory Details screen (displayed on enabling the option Provide VAT Details ) set the option Type of Invoice to:

Tax Invoice , to consider it as tax invoice.

Retail , to consider it as retail invoice.

Nature of Transaction

The invoice should be recorded with the Nature of Transactions, Sales Taxable and Sales - Works Contract .

Column Name


Tax Invoice No. (201A)

Displays the voucher number of tax invoice or retail invoice.

Date (dd/mm/yyyy or dd-mon-yyyy)

Displays the voucher date of tax invoice or retail invoice.


Displays the name of the party ledger selected in Party's A/c Name option or in Party Details screen.

R.C. No

Displays the VAT TIN predefined for the selected party ledger or entered in Party Details screen.

Goods with HSN

Displays the Commodity Code predefined for stock item selected in the invoice.

Value of goods

Displays the assessable value for taxable:

Local sales transactions.

Value calculated after deducting labour charges for works contract.


Displays the VAT charged in sales invoice.

Additional Tax

Displays the additional tax charged in sales invoice.


Displays auto-calculated value.