e-VAT Annexure-4 (Tamil Nadu)

The details of local purchases and returns of taxable items made from registered dealers is displayed in Annexure 4 . It has to be filed monthly/quarterly in required xml format.

The transactions that fulfill the following prerequisites will be captured in Annexure 4 :

The Nature of Transaction selected is Purchase Taxable .

In party ledger master,

o The State selected is Tamil Nadu .

o The Type of Dealer selected is Regular .

o The TIN is of 11 digits and it starts with 33.

In the stock item master,

o Commodity Code is defined.

o Second Schedule is selected in the Schedule option.

Tax rate is predefined either in the stock item or purchase ledger.

Stock items selected in the invoice attract only 4%, 5%, 14.5%, 20%, 23.43%, 25%, 29%, 30%, 34%, 38%, 58%, 60% and 73% tax rates.

The xml file can be uploaded successfully only if all the aforementioned prerequisites are fulfilled. XML file can be generated either from the annexure screen or from the exported excel template.

To view or export Annexure 4

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > e-C TAX .

2. Click A : Annexures .

3. Select Annexure 4 .

4. Press Ctrl+E to export.

5. Specify the period and press Enter to export the data.

In case of excel template, the data is exported to excel template, and the xml is generated after validating the data.

The excel template contains three worksheets:

Help : This sheet provides details on different elements of the excel sheet and do’s and don’ts.

Basic Details : This sheet will record the company and period information.

Annexure-4: This sheet will record the transaction details for the period.


Indicates what is new in the form/annexure

Indicates what has changed in the form/annexure

Indicates what has been removed from the form/annexure

The fields in the annexure are described below:

Field Name


Basic Details Worksheet

Dealer TIN

Displays the TIN entered in Company VAT Details screen of Statutory & Taxation features.

Tax Period From

Displays the starting date of return period of the report which was entered in the From (blank for beginning) field of Export Report screen.

Tax Period To

Displays the ending date of return period of report which was entered in the To (blank for end) field of Export Report screen.

Annexure - 4  Worksheet

Type of dealer

Displays the dealer type of the party, as selected in ledger master of the party.

Transaction type

Displays the transaction type - purchase or purchase return, based on transaction recorded in purchase voucher or debit note.

Seller TIN

Displays the VAT TIN predefined for the party ledger selected in the invoice. TIN is 11 digits long and it starts with 33.

Name of Seller

Displays the name of the party selected at the invoice.

Invoice No.

Displays the number entered in Supplier Invoice No. field of the purchase invoice or Original invoice no. field of debit note.

Invoice Date

Displays the supplier invoice date entered in the purchase invoice or debit note.

Commodity Code

Displays the Commodity Code predefined in the VAT Details screen.

Point of Purchase

Displays the point of purchase of the transaction (first/second/third) within the state.

Purchase Value (Rs.)

Displays the assessable value of each commodity in the purchase invoice.

Rate of Tax (%)

Displays the rate of tax predefined in the VAT Details screen.

Tax Paid (Rs.)

Displays the amount of purchase tax paid for each commodity. The formula used here is  Value = (Purchase value of commodity * rate of tax)/100

Total Value (Rs.)

Displays the sum of assessable value and purchase tax paid.

Debit/Credit Note Date

Displays the date of debit note/credit note transaction recorded for purchase returns.

last updated for Release 5.5.7