Natural Language for the System

The system commands are reserved word that are used exclusively to communicate with the system or reset the context of queries. These commands will not allow the user to extract any information from the connected company.

Natural Language


Hello / Hi / Tally / U There / You there / Are you there

Initiates a Handshake between the user and the remote company.

During the handshake it also checks for availability of connection with Tally.NET Server or the availability of a respective company.

User / User Name / Who am I

Returns the name of the authorised user

Company / Cmp / Database / Name

Returns the name of the company

Thank you / Thanks / Bye

Reciprocates accordingly


Returns the list of online companies that you are authorised to access

Full List

E-mails a list of online and offline companies that you are authorised to access


Resets the context of earlier queries


Returns the context of the previous set of queries.