Material Movement Register Report (Job Work In)

Material Movement Register displays the details of Movement of Material (Raw Materials and Finished Goods) of Job Work In Orders.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Job Work In Reports > Job Work Register > Material Movement Register .

Column Description of Material Movement Register

Order Number : In this column the Job Work In Order Number will be displayed.

Date of Received : This column displays the date on which the components are received form the Principal manufacturer.

Customers Delivery Challan : This column displays the voucher number of the material In voucher through which the components for Job work is received.

Description of Goods Received : This column displays the description of the components received.

Quantity Received : This column displays the quantity of components received towards a Job Work In Order.

Process Loss : This column displays the loss of stock during manufacture of Finished goods.

Nature of Process Required : This column displays the Natures of Processing instructed by the Manufacturer.

Quantity Processed Goods Returned : This column displays the details of stock (Finished Goods/Scrap/By-Products/Co-Products) manufactured.

Quantity Issued : This column displays the Quantity of goods manufactured and delivered to the principal Manufacturer.

Wastage Scrap at end of Job Work : This column displays the quantity of Wastage or Scrap produced during the manufacture of Finished goods.

Job Worker's Challan No. & Date : This column displays the Job workers challan number and Date. These details will be captured from the Material out voucher recorded to deliver the goods to the manufacturer.

Remarks : To enter the information of closure of stock.