Multi User Auto Voucher Numbering

The Multi-User Auto Voucher Numbering feature in Tally.ERP 9 works effectively in a multi user environment where multiple users are working on the company data and recording vouchers.

Multi-user auto voucher numbering helps:

When multiple users are attempting to pass a sales voucher simultaneously, the process may be hindered due to the voucher number allocation.

When a specific voucher number is used by one of the user the other user will have to re-accept the voucher so that the next available voucher number is allotted to his voucher.

To ensure that the vouchers are numbered sequentially.

To ensure that the bill-wise details do not have to be re-entered manually as it will get updated with the new voucher number on acceptance of the voucher entry.

Let us consider three users: Mr. Mohan, Mr. Ram and Mr. Shyam. All the three users are trying to record a sales voucher. The voucher on each of their system is numbered as 25. Mr.Mohan saves the voucher first and his voucher will be saved as 25. But when Ram and Shyam attempt to save the voucher, the error message "Voucher Number 25 already used!New number will be xx!" appears.

In order to eliminate this error message and avoid the re-acceptance of the voucher, Tally.ERP 9 provides the option of Multi-User Auto Voucher Numbering.

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On enabling the Multi user voucher numbering feature, the voucher number appears as 25<Auto> for all the three users.

The bill-wise details screen and other relevant details will also be updates as 25<Auto>.

If the user mentions the voucher number in the Narration field, then on saving the voucher entry, the number in the narration field will be automatically altered to match the new voucher number.

Let us assume that Mr. Mohan saves the entry first. The assigned voucher number 25<Auto> will be saved as 25 in his data. A confirmation message indicating this will appear.

The narration field will be updated accordingly:

The bill-wise details with the updated Bill name will appear as shown:

When Ram and Shyam saves the voucher, the voucher number 25 <Auto> will be changed to the next available voucher number.

Note: The Multi User Voucher Numbering is an extension of the Automatic Numbering method. This option aids in fastening the process without errors. However, this is applicable only in voucher creation and does not apply in the case of insert or delete of vouchers.