Test Completed - Employee Assessment

This folder displays the list of employees who have completed their online tests.

1. Select Test Completed folder.

2. Press Enter . The List of Employees screen appears displaying the list of employees who have completed their online tests as shown:

3. Select the required employee.

4. Click A: Answer Sheet. The Answer Sheet screen of the selected employee appears as shown:

5. Click F1: Detailed . The detailed Answer Sheet appears as shown:

6. Select the required question.

7. Click D: View Details . The Marks and Result for the selected screen are displayed in Answer Details as shown:

The following functions can be performed from this folder:

F1: Detailed: Allows you to view the test details of the employees, such as, E-mail ID and Test ID.

C: Add Comment: Allows adding comment to the selected employee.

V: View All Activities: Allows viewing all the activities of a selected employee along with the comments recorded at each of the process level.