Verification (International)

The Verification dashboard is divided into the following:

Verification of Vouchers - All the transactions for the Analysis Year will be visible from this report. The user has an option to apply the recommended Sampling methods and do the verification for the Sampled Vouchers or verify all Vouchers.

Related Party Transactions - The user can identify the Ledger Master as Related Parties based on the information given by the user and all the transactions belonging to the Related Parties will be available for scrutiny.

Forex Transactions - This report list down all the transactions involving Multi Currency and provides the option to conduct verification.

The user can press Enter on any of the Columns to view the required transactions as shown below:

Note: Ledger-wise count displayed in Brackets indicates the number of Ledgers participated in the sampled vouchers.

The user can drill down from the Total, Verified, Internal Observation, External Clarification, Altered (To be re-verified) and view the respective reports.

The drill down from the Total Column and Verified Column displays similar reports for all the five reports.

Drilling down from the rest of the columns displays all the Vouchers marked as External Clarification , Clarified or Altered for the respective report.