Negative Cash Variance (International)

From Verification of Balances report, the user can drill down to the Daily Breakup for Cash Ledger to view the Negative Cash Balance during the analysis year.

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Analysis & Verification > Data Analysis > Verification of Balances .

2. Select the Transactions section on the right side of the Verification of Balances drill down report and press Enter on Current Assets .

3. Press Enter on the Cash-in-Hand from the Transactions section.

4. Press Enter on the Cash Ledger .

5. Press F6 or click F6 : Dly Brk-up . The Daily Breakup for Cash Ledger is displayed as shown:

The above report provides the day wise balance for the Cash Ledger.

6. Press Alt+X or click X : Exceptions to view the report only for negative cash balance.

The user can press Enter to view the Ledger Vouchers report for each day for Cash Ledger.